Multiple Internship Positions Available With Inventiva starting April


Inventiva is a business magazine featuring entrepreneurs & start-ups, we are looking for highly committed, dedicated and professional interns to work with us for 2-3 months of Internships starting from April.

The interns will only be allowed to work if they are serious about internships and want to have a learning curve in their future & career.

The internship is offered in the field of –

1. Events Management & Coverage

2. Business Development & Marketing

3. Content Writing & Journalism ( Only Hardcore Journalism like business) Soft Journalism like fashion, food, travel etc are not accepted.

4. Social media marketing

The interns must have

1. A Smart Phone

2. Paytm to accept the payments

3. Your own laptop

4. Highspeed Internet connection

5. Strong Determination to work and achieve targets & results.

6. Most Important Punctuality & Professionalism

7. Strong Social media presence, good presentation skills, excellent personal network.

Kindly share your area of interest, your cv, social media profile, your latest pic to us asap at [email protected]


Riya Gupta
Client Relationship Manager Inventiva

+91 78387 85043 ( Phone+Whatsapp)



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