Multiple Internships Available with Genecorp

About Genecorp
The company is into nutrigenetics At Genecorp, we predict and prevent health risks of an individual. We combine genetic science with nutrition science to ensure better health and fitness. Understanding personal genetics is the exciting new avenue in health-care, especially preventive health-care. It is extremely important to make the right lifestyle choices that best match an individual’s unique genetic make-up. Matching food intake with genetic print will ensure reaching health and body goals, both optimally and in a sustainable manner. We are sure this would really interest your clientele. Best part about us – Our test requires no administration, with a simple saliva test we analyze individual’s genes and suggest them the food they should eat, the exercises they should do and the health risks they have (which they can prevent today with just food intake modifications).
About what we are looking at.
We are looking to hire interns for multiple profile – Marketing – digital, BD, Research and Operations.The period of internship can be from vary from 2 months to 6 months. At the end of the internship students will be only eligible for internship certificate. Also, each internship will have a target and completion of the same will have defined monetary benefits for each role, ranging from 5k to 50k, depending on the month of internship and the targets associated. Out-of-pocket office expenses shall also be reimbursed.
Place of Internship
For Research and Digital Marketing – Both office or work from home is permissible. However for all the 4 internships, working from office is preferred.
Contact us.
Send resumes on [email protected]
Once shortlisted students will receive call within a week from the date of application.

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