Multiple Internship Opportunities with Witty Idiots Ambala Cantt


Here are the details about the company and its internship along with all the subsidiary companies.

1. Full name of the company along with the website
  • Name: Witty Idiots Technologies Private Limited
  • Website:
  • Type: Parent Organization/Company

The company also have subsidiary/partner companies along with private blog network including viral articles, technology, web hosting, e-commerce and more.

  1. MindFreakers Networking (Dream. Code. Innovate)
    • website:
    • info: MFN provides Digital Products & Services, APIs, Hosting, PaaS, SaaS, Mobile Dev., Web Solutions & more.
  2. Millencers
    • website:
    • info: Millencers is an upcoming social media label for building powerful brands, stories, celebrities, and businesses.
  3. My Budget Store
    • website:
    • info: An e-commerce brand targetted to change the lifestyle in a different way.
  4. Cryptoxie
    • website:
    • info: Cryptoxie is an upcoming cryptocurrency trade exchange & platform for users to interact with the digital currency.
  5. Witty Blog Network
    1. Name: Reader’s Cave – Web: – Niche: Viral Charticles
    2. Name: Sarkari Listing – Web: – Niche: Jobs & Education
    3. Name: Express With Me – Web: – Niche: Multi Niche
    4. Name: Sharing Tricks – Web: – Niche: Technology
  6. Social Media Brands
    1. Name: Bollywood Pixels – Niche: Bollywood
    2. Name: Sarcastic Girl – Niche: Sarcasm, Humor
    3. Name: Gyaani Bandar – Niche: Desi Humor
    4. Name: Unsaid Hustle – Niche: Startup, Inspiration & Travel

We also have various other brands, digital products & services which are not listed here.

2. What sort of products/services your company offers?

Digital Products & Services (Web Hosting Solutions, APIs, SaaS, PaaS, Web Development, Mobile & App Development & more.)

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3. Name of the owner(s)
  • Sagar Gulati – Founder, CEO
  • Jatinder Gulati – Co-Founder, CFO
4. Complete address of the company along with city and state.

#35-A Gobind Nagar, Floor I, Ambala Cantt, Haryana – 133001

5. Contact details including emails & phone number of the company
6. Opportunity available with the company.
  1. Design Internship & Jobs
    • UI/UX or Visual Designer
    • Video Editor/Video Content Creator
    • Product Designer
  2. Software Engineering Internship & Jobs
    • Full Stack Developer
    • Backend Developer
    • Android Developer
    • CPMD (Cross Platform Mobile Developer)
    • AI/NLP Developer
    • Server & Network Administrator
  3. Marketing Internship & Jobs
    • Copywriter / Content Manager
    • Social Media Strategist
    • Social Media Manager
    • Social Media Executive
    • Social Media Executive Assistant
    • Digital Marketing Manager
    • SEO/SMO Manager
  4. Operations Internship & Jobs
    • Operations Associate
    • Executive Assistant
    • Remote Executive Assistant – India Shift
    • Remote Executive Assistant – US Shift
    • Business Risk Analyst
    • Business Data Analyst
    • Business Data Researcher
    • Analyst Executive Assistant
    • Research Executive Assistant
    • Talent Acquisition Manager
    • Traffic Acquisition Manager
  5. Sales Internship & Jobs
    • Sales Guru – Get 15 projects in 30 days & earn up to INR 100K and more! (Full Time Job Opportunity)
    • Business Development & Marketing Communication Manager
    • BD/Sales for US, Europe and Australia (Revenue Share-Based)
    • Sales Intern(s)
  6. Administrative Internship & Jobs
    • HR Manager in Administration & Finance
    • HR Executive Assistant
7. Whether Stipend is available?

Yes, the stipend will be available depending on the category of internship and skill set.

8. Whether Certificate of Internship is available?

Yes, the certification will be provided depending on the field, stability, hard work & loyalty towards the company.

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9. Any full-time offer available after the internship?


10. Time to start the internship and duration of the internship.

Available on immediate basis for 3-6 months depending upon the capability of internship & training.

11. Please provide the email id and phone number of the person to be contacted for the interview.

Email: [email protected]

12. Briefly describe what sort of applicant you are looking for along with education, skills, experience.

We prefer knowledge & skills over education along with good communication skills.

  • Education: Doesn’t matter if you are graduate or not but you should know the basics behavior of the world.
  • Skills: Show us what you got.
  • Experience: Fresher? Starting Up? Experienced? Leet? We’re for you!
  • About You: Be a Quick learner, Hard working, Flexible, Reliable, Competence, Optimistic, Punctual & Loyal towards the company! Look towards the goals as we do, we go as “WE” there is no space of “I” as for Individual in our company.
13. What Are you expecting from your intern to be achieved for you?

Either you work or either you don’t, achieve your task, break your own records and show who’s the boss.

14. What can an Intern expect from you?

We prefer skills over education along with good communication skills. Unlike other companies, we don’t offer a corporate 9 to 5 job environment, we follow startup culture and everyone here is a family, we don’t have employees. You will also get a lot of experience from your team members as you go.

You will also know how to survive in the worse cases of a startup and handle that of a corporate job. The startup culture will also benefit you in exploring new opportunities and unlocking your skills and moving towards creating your own big network with learning new skills.

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As we say, Witty Idiots is the world for dreamers & achievers with uncommon ideas, who are passionate about their dreams!



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