This Spanish language initiative is changing the space of language learning


Learning concept in our country is still stuck in classrooms and cramming books. This has created a saturation of excitement level after a point, especially for learning a language.

Spanish in a Hurry is an initiative by Mousumi Ghosh to take the teaching outside of classrooms and benefit a large number of people with the curated workshop in cafes, expression spaces and “addas” to associate language with culture talk.

This all started when Mousumi has come to Bangalore seven years back and started her career as a software engineer in Wipro. She was always interested to explore different spaces where she can contribute more than what she was doing. Having an interest in poetry and theatre Mousumi has joined the theatre group “ENAD” as an actor and started collaborating with multiple literature initiatives of a different language. Soon she realized that a lot of people are keen to explore other languages but there is no such initiative to drive them and open the boundaries of endless opportunities and exposure of a foreign language before them.

Mousumi has met a lot of employees, students and music lovers who have said that they would love to explore the poetry, plays and other art forms of foreign languages but the time investment to learn a new language is tedious and sometimes much costlier in Bangalore. This is when Mousumi has thought to come up with an initiative which can guide people to learn a language with a limited time and with lot more fun. Mousumi was enthusiastic about the Spanish culture and art from her childhood and had an advanced diploma from reputed Jadavpur University. Within a couple of months, she started the initiative “Spanish in a Hurry.”

What the initiative is all about

“Spanish in a Hurry” is a series of uniquely designed workshops where people can learn basic Spanish in 6 hours only. The scope of learning another language is huge but not many people can commit much time to regular classes even though they are interested. This is a platform for all those people. Persons looking for on-site projects in Spanish-speaking countries, travellers, students, beginners, people who want to refresh their learning and all others who love to learn the same are welcome with open arms.

After attending any of the workshop participants can easily continue learning the language to the next level on their own. They can contact for guidance and help anytime throughout their lifetime, completely free of cost. The initiative has been started to add value in language education as today the boundaries are shrinking and multilingual people are encouraged to work, learn, volunteer all over the world.”

Why it’s different from any other Spanish Institute

Mousumi has understood at the very beginning that the problem lies in the teaching style. Unlike other countries, the language education in India is everything about the grammar and understanding the technicality of the subject.

She says, “Learning a language is not only associated with the language itself. It’s deeply connected with the culture, music, literature, and lifestyle of that particular region.”

Gradually the initiative becomes the first in India to conduct meetups, conversations and small sessions in Spanish Cafes, Music studios, expression space and city walk events. There was a huge response after her first few workshops and people started enquiring about the next programs. To keep the interest going Mousumi has done the partnership with authentic Spanish cuisine restaurant “Gobble Up Churros” and started serving authentic meals during the sessions.

In last couple of years the initiative went popular among the city crowd. Many students from other countries started contacting Mousumi and get the benefit.

What is the future plan

While Spanish In A Hurry keep doing versatile workshops and events to teach Spanish, it also started providing serious classroom training, corporate training and skill exchange for languages. Apart from Spanish Mousumi has started collaborating with writers and teachers across India to encourage all languages of India and the world. She is trying to build a community of language lovers who can exchange the skills and change the panorama of this space.



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