Cisco intends to buy July Systems to boost indoor location services


In an official blog post, Cisco Systems Inc. shared its plans to acquire California and Bengaluru based July Systems, a mobile application platform provider. This acquisition will help Cisco to significantly improve its indoor location services capabilities.

The company said, “We plan to add July Systems’ platform and business context capabilities to provide a unified solution on which our partners and customers can build and deliver a range of indoor location services for industries as diverse as healthcare, government, logistics, manufacturing, sports arenas, hotels, education, and retail.”

This acquisition will improve its enterprise Wifi platform as well.

“Enterprises have an opportunity to take advantage of their in-building Wi-Fi for a broad range of indoor location services. In addition to providing seamless connectivity, Wifi can help enterprises glean deep visitor behavior insights, associate these learnings with their enterprise systems, and drive better customer and employee experiences,” Cisco’s Rob Salvagno wrote in a blog post announcing the acquisition.

July Systems was founded back in 2001 and raised almost $60 million. It has multiple investors like Sequoia Capital, Intel Capital, CRV and Motorola Solutions. The official acquisition is expected to happen by the first quarter of the fiscal year 2019. The acquisition price has not been disclosed.

Cisco has made over 211 acquisitions over the years, according to data on Crunchbase and they very well intend to continue the same trend.

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