How this small town in Kerala is home to the world’s largest handcrafted ship


These ships are also known for the absence of blueprint or planning that goes into building structures like these. Most of the workers who build the Uru are locals for whom this is a skill passed on through generations. The ship is built with wood used from Nilambur forest, and consists of bamboo poles and a thatched roof, says The Better India.

In the last few years, custom-made Urus have emerged in the market, with demands coming in from the Middle East. These ships are then converted into houseboats, luxury boats, and restaurants. This industry has now started to contribute to employment and tourism in the region of Kerala. Today, over 200 families find their source of income because of Uru, says a video posted on History channel. On an average, 40-50 skilled labourers come together to build a traditional Uru. It takes them one to four years to build it, adds the post.

Despite not using modern machinery, Uru is known for its beautiful carvings, thanks to the skilled labourers.

Source: Yourstory

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