Nokia 9 Leaked: Has Five Rotating Cameras, In-Display Fingerprint Scanner & More!

Nokia 9 leaked images
Nokia 9 leaked images

HMD Global, the parent Nokia company is yet to announce a flagship in 2018. The Finnish company is already doing well in the mid-range and entry-premium segment, and its latest launch in India, Nokia 6.1 Plus is doing good as well.

To our surprise, a new leak of Nokia 9 came out which shows some phenomenal upgrades.

Recently HMD Global confirmed that the company is bringing its signature PureView camera back to the Nokia phones, and the latest leak seems to be confirming the news. The upcoming Nokia 9 has been leaked, and it shows a Penta-lens setup i.e five cameras in a single module.

Nokia 9 Leaked: Penta Lens | Fives Cameras On Nokia 9

The upcoming Nokia flagship is going to be called Nokia 9 or Nokia 8 Pro. Leaving the name part on one side, let’s come to the interesting part. Nokia 9 is supposed to come with something unique, something we may have never seen a mainstream commercial flagship.

The leaked image of Nokia 9 shows that it has five cameras on the back. Yes, five cameras!

Earlier a report came out suggesting that an upcoming Nokia phone may have a Penta-lens setup, but the leaked image seems to be confirming the rumor. The leaked Nokia phone shows having a total of six cutouts at the back, one of which the LED flash.

So the other five cutouts on the Nokia-branded device are for the camera sensors. The lenses are placed in a hexagonal layout, something we have never seen before.

Rotating Cameras: Does Nokia 9 Have Rotatable Cameras?

We don’t know how the setup will setup will work on the Nokia device, but a leaked schematic suggests that a rotatable mechanism will work here. To break it for you, the cameras are rotatable which will rotate the secondary sensor while keeping the primary sensor fixed in its place.

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The theory does make sense, but sadly the leaked image of the Nokia 9 device doesn’t have something that would rotate.

The leaked image of Nokia 9 does not suggest that any rotating mechanism may work here. Some are suggesting it may be an earlier prototype of the rear panel, and the original device will be different altogether.

We don’t think HMD will use any rotating mechanism, as mechanical parts are vulnerable to damage, and such smartphone has lesser lifespans compared to other devices. Instead, Nokia may use fixed five lenses, possibly with different levels of Zoom and an RGB lens for additional depth effects. Though, nothing is confirmed yet.

PureView Lenses On Nokia 9?

The Nokia 9 leaked image shows Zeiss branding at the center of the Penta-lens setup. The company said it’s bringing the PureView, but it’s Zeiss here in here on Nokia 9. HMD acquired the trademark of PureView from Microsoft recently.

The upcoming Nokia PureView phone may have a Penta-lens setup as the Nokia PureView branded phones came with top of the line cameras.

The rear panel of Nokia 9 has no fingerprint sensor, so the upcoming Nokia phone may come with an in-display fingerprint scanner, and the Android One logo on bottom means the device will run Android 9.0 Pie out of the box with Snapdragon 845 onboard.





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