Register for the Masterclass on Kubernetes at TechSparks ’18 and know why it is the tech to consider when building applications for scale


An internal R&D project developed by the technical gurus at Google, it took 15 years for the tech giant to make this empowering technology available to the open-source community, which took charge and led its development thereon. Today, Kubernetes has become the go-to open-source system for managing containerised applications in a clustered environment. To put it simply, Kubernetes gives developers the freedom to define how their applications should run, interact with other applications, scale service, switch traffic between different versions of the applications to test features or roll back problematic deployments and much more. In short, Kubernetes provides developers the ability to define and manage the applications with high degrees of flexibility, power, and reliability.

After becoming part of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation in 2015, today the growth of Kubernetes is driven by an active and ever-growing open source community.  Even though there are many other containers in the market, Kubernetes is extremely popular, as evident through GitHub and elsewhere. In fact, Kubernetes is one of the top projects on GitHub with an active community that answers questions and fosters collaborations.

However, in spite of its evident advantages and growing popularity, for many getting familiar with and working on Kubernetes is overwhelming or challenging.  First you need to have a basic understanding of the foundation of this platform, how it works, its advantages and its challenges, before you can leverage the unparalleled power, flexibility, and robust features of Kubernetes.

As an open-source platform there is an active community of techies who can be reached out to for help, some additional hand-holding will always help. In addition, access to the right developer tools and platforms can make an equally big difference by enabling developers to focus on building impactful applications without having to decode the complexity of the platforms.

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And Digital Ocean, the leading cloud infrastructure provider, has been running large workloads on Kubernetes over the past two years. Armed with the experience and seeing the need to help developers optimise Kubernetes, in May 2018, Digital Ocean launched DigitalOcean Kubernetes to help developers and engineering teams deploy container workloads without having to configure everything from scratch. DigitalOcean Kubernetes allows developers to focus on successfully shipping their applications while not being burdened by the complexity involved with creating and running a highly scalable and secure cluster across multiple apps

At TechSparks 2018 two experts who have worked extensively on Kubernetes will be conducting a workshop on ‘Building your applications for scale: Technologies you should consider.’

The workshop will be held on October 5, from 2 pm to 3 pm.

Leading the workshop will be Vishal Biyani and Vivek Sridhar. Vishal is an engineer focused on programmable and scalable infrastructure and is the CTO of Infracloud Technologies. He is a Google Developer Expert who actively contributes to Fission – Serverless functions for Kubernetes. Vishal also takes the lead in organising the Pune Kubernetes and CNCF meetup and Pune Serverless meetup every month.

Vivek Sridhar is a tech enthusiast with over a decade of experience in the software industry. Currently a Developer Advocate with DigitalOcean, Vivek doubles up as a Technology Advisor to several tech startups. Previously, he headed the DevOps & QA at Blackbuck and was a DevOps Solution Architect at HCL (Australia) in client engagement and pre-sales roles.

In the masterclass, the experts will explore the good and the bad of Kubernetes and will deliberate upon why developers should care about this technology. The experts will also delve deeper into the benefits, challenges and future of Kubernetes and related technologies.

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Register for the Kubernetes Masterclass at TechSparks ’18.

Date: October 5, 2018

Time: 2pm to 3pm

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