There are a thousand reasons to be at TechSparks, here are a few


We don’t need to tell you that TechSparks is the hottest platform for startups and the corporate world – you have seen that for eight editions (since 2010) already. But, let’s give you the benefit of doubt, and tell you what TechSparks is (just in case you were in a cave, meditating on what the next big thing in startup India could be).

TechSparks has become the benchmark platform where startups, emerging business leaders, corporate executives, policy makers, investors, innovators, and media houses converge to discuss, debate and develop ideas and engagements that build and shape the technology, innovation and entrepreneurship narrative in India. This is not the first time we are doing this. We started in 2010, when starting up was a conversation one would have a couple of drinks down after your boss had kicked your royal a** in the corporate world.

This year, things are going to bigger, better and definitely more ‘stoke’ (a new word for exhilarated).

Guess who is coming for TechSparks 2018

Good question. I have three words for you – Vijay Shekhar Sharma. The poster-boy of the startup world, the exception to all rules, and the man who says going all in is the only way to win. He will be at TechSparks on the 5th of October.

There was someone who changed the way we looked at content – that someone is Tanmay Bhatt from All India Bakchod (AIB). If you are looking to understand how marketing and content for new-age brands works, come see us on the 5th. Tanmay redefined the way we look at Indian video content and we are hoping we can learn a trick or two as well.

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And then, there was retail. The straight shooter who got us into modern retail – Kishore Biyani – will talk about what it takes to be the undisputed retail king of India.

By the way, if during your cave days you thought you created the next big thing, make sure Ashish Bhasin has his eyes on you at TechSparks next weekend.

And what would all of us be… if there was no Ministry (it’s a rhyme)! Not the Ministry of Magic, but Ministry of Social Welfare’s Priyank Kharge will be there. What does the result-focused leader have in store for us?

Minister for Revenue, IT and Labour and Employment Rohan Khaunte is coming all the way from Goa, and you might want to go back with him after TechSparks and no, not just for the beaches and King’s beer!

Dailyhunt will tell you why you, as a content company, need to find the Indian digital audiences and how to make it in this complex market.

And though we keep talking about the big F word – FUNDING – there is a certain Divyank Turakhia – who got a billion-dollar exit with NO funding. How on earth did he do that?? Answers coming in at TechSparks.

I am going throw you a last big cookie – the Gods of Grocery will be gracing TechSparks. All the founders of BigBasket will tell us about building a success story around groceries.

If all of this isn’t pulling you out of your weekend cave, then, tell me darling, what is it that you do in life? Rest of you, catch you at Techsparks!

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