Indians Are Choosing OnePlus Over Apple: 5 Strong Reasons Why!


According to a recent national survey, Indians are choosing to OnePlus over Apple as their first smartphone choice. Once a top choice among buyers, Apple has lost to the four years old OnePlus. With changing preferences and likes, the premium smartphone category is now led by OnePlus

The report suggests that aspirational smartphone buyers from India are seeking to purchase a premium device chose OnePlus over Apple

The research was carried out extensively among smartphone consumers across six metros. Also, OnePlus is currently India’s highest selling premium smartphone brand.

Changing Preferences: Indians Are Choosing OnePlus Over Apple

The results show that 36 percent wants a OnePlus device, 34 percent wants an Apple iPhone and 18 percent wants Samsung.

Making Them Feel Powerful

Aspirational smartphone consumers don’t just want an Apple logo behind their handset. People now want a device which will make them feel powerful. The research says that consumers are no more focus on specifications. They are actually looking for a powerful premium smartphone with amazing performance and brand.

The research has 55 percent people wanting a smartphone that will make them feel powerful while 49 percent wants to as an extension of their lifestyle.

The Youth Appeal

According to the research, the age group between 18 to 32 has 59 percent of the users wanting a OnePlus smartphone. OnePlus has a massive appeal among the youth and has emerged to be the number one choice among the young smartphone users.

OnePlus is the top brand of choice among the young aspirational smartphone buyers looking to buy a premium smartphone in India.

OnePlus Charm Across Consumer Segments

Not only the younger population, OnePlus is slowly gaining popularity in the upper age category as well. Surprisingly OnePlus saw a major jump in the 40+ age category as well. 15 percent of the surveyed people chose OnePlus as their first choice for their next smartphone.

The craze of OnePlus among all the age groups shows the trend how OnePlus is widening their brand salience.

Recently OnePlus pipped Samsung to takeover the best selling smartphone brand. Now it takes over Apple as the most preferred premium brand would other premium smartphones brands.

Speed & Performance Preferred

Smartphone users want to upgrade to a premium smartphone which will offer exceptional speed, power, and amazing gaming experience apart from good build and design. 83 percent of the sample crowd showed they upgrade their smartphone every 1 to 2 years.

The consumers will remain loyal to their brand and only consumers want to replace their existing smartphone brand. The replacement reasons include recurring problems on their smartphones or that they have been using it for a long time.

Premium Users Want In-Display Fingerprint Sensor, Wireless Charging & AR/VR

Consumers wish to upgrade to a premium smartphone which comes with all the latest features like an in-screen fingerprint sensor, wireless charging and support for AR/VR. OnePlus is still yet to add wireless charging, but the OnePlus 6T is coming with an in-display fingerprint sensor.

In the premium smartphone category, buyers who use smartphones costing more than Rs 50,000, 12 percent of the users are considering to switch to a OnePlus smartphone.

OnePlus is all set to launch its next iteration OnePlus 6T on October 17. So we are expecting OnePlus to grasp a higher market share by the end of the next quarter owing to its growing popularity in the country.


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