To Build Up Interest in STEM, This NASA Engineer Started Her Own Business


Gerard Adams talks with Aisha Bowe, an aerospace engineer and the leader of her own company, STEMboard, in the latest episode of Adams’ series Leaders Create Leaders.

To begin the conversation, Bowe talks about how she had a troubled youth, one that didn’t follow the typical path for her to shoot for success as an aerospace engineer and the CEO of her own company. She recalls consistently skipping classes in high school, choosing to hang out with older friends and seek out trouble. From there, she enrolled in community college and continued to do poorly in school. After a unique experienice after receiving a test back, Bowe realized she was buying into certain stereotypes, including that she was poor, black, unattractive and undereducated.

At one point, Bowe sat in her room, told herself she would gain admission into the University of Michigan and made a goal for herself that she would one day work at NASA working in aerospace engineering — a goal she achieved.

At NASA, where she settled into a significant role, Bowe strived to translate that power into the sphere of women of color in tech.

Her visits to schools in the West Coast community she lived in was the first step. Bowe explains how her mere presence in front of these young kids was able to transform their ideas about the world and their own aspirations.

Source: Entrepreneur

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