Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch Season 3 Episode 7: ‘Is There Actually a Business Here?’


The entrepreneurs are eager to get their pitch accepted, but also need to listen to the judges’ feedback.

For many entrepreneurs, the benefit of a bulletproof ego can truly help sell a pitch. But, even with immense amounts of confidence, what if your product simply makes no sense?

In this week’s Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch, we are introduced to a new crop of entrepreneurs, all of them eager to sell their rapid-fire pitches to our board of investors. From a kids’ sports company to a blowdry bar to a new take on professional social networking, the judges have their picks of which companies they consider worthy. That only makes it easier to decide which are dead ends.

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A big sell for the judges is the combination of a rock-solid business model matched with a self-assured entrepreneur. Established businesses who can trace a clear line of success prove especially impressive to the Elevator Pitch judges. In this episode, an entrepreneur with the ability to carry out the marketing side of her business in-house impresses the panel, showing them this entrepreneur is self-sufficient and resourceful.

Even with a more ill-defined idea, our judges can find appeal in a gutsy pitch. One entrepreneur who introduces the idea of a new social media network, which could streamline the process of professionals meeting other people in their industry. In this case, the entrepreneur’s outlandish valuation and name-dropping creates conversation among the judges and sparks a general curiosity.

Source: Entrepreneur

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