Paid Internship Available With Nirmalya Labs in Bhubaneswar.


1. Full Name Of The Company along with the website?
Nirmalya Labs Private Limited (

2. What sort of products/services your company offers?
Product Engineering, Enterprise Application and Testing

3. Name of The Owner?
Biraja Prasad Nath (Founder) / Keshav Tripathy (co-founder) / Sulekh Rath (co-founder)

4. Complete Address of the company along with city and state?
#81, Sai Saraswati Compex, District Center, CS Pur, Bhubaneswar, Odisha 751016

5. Contact Details including emails & phone number of the company?
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +91 9866522065

6. Opportunity Available in what fields for eg: Marketing, Sales, Business Development, Developer, Operations, HR, Analyst, Research, Content Writing etc? Is this a full time/part time or work from home opportunity?
Software Developer for Product Engineering and research

7. Whether Stipend is available?

8. Whether Certificate of Internship is available?

9. Any full time offer available after internship?
Yes, if the intern performs as per expectation.

10. Time to start the internship and duration of the internship?
Jan first week of 2019

11. Please provide the email id and phone number of the person to be contacted for interview?
[email protected]

12. Briefly describe what sort of applicant you are looking for along with education, skills, experience?
We are looking for engineers who are willing to work on Blockchain, Spring-boot, Analytics and Mobility

13. What Are you expecting from your intern to be achieved for you?
Expecting interns to do R&D and PoC

14. What an Intern can expect from you?
Technical learning, product engineering, etc



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