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With everything on our phone these days we hardly require TVs or other such big screens. However, when we do require them the problem we face is connecting them to our devices hassle-free. Connectors and wires create a whole lot of chaos while also causing discomfort. With different devices and different ports, it is often challenging to share screen across different devices using the same wire. Airtame provides a wireless solution to all these problems. Now either you are in a meeting giving a presentation, in a classroom teaching students, or simply in a mood to watch Netflix or YouTube on a larger screen, you can do it from the comfort of your couch. The aim is to boost productivity, save the time which is usually wasted figuring which wire goes where and make the process easier to rely on, by eliminating adapters and cable clusters.

Airtame provides wireless screen sharing solutions for business and education sector. Now one can be a part of the group and the conversation while giving out a presentation. As for the education sector, 500 students looking at one board, while they all struggle for a better view is discomforting. But now, students can use Airtame on any of their devices with a clear view and even a clearer understanding.  One can share from computers and mobile devices to TVs and projectors conveniently. One just needs to connect the device to the TV, connect it to their network, and anybody connected to that network can start streaming. The best part- it is not just limited to a single screen! In case, someone else wants to use it, the current user can simply disconnect it and let the other operate it. 


With 4 times the memory of Airtame, and a design so elegant that one might choose to display it on the wall next to the screen, a more advanced version- Airtame 2 has been introduced for driving more complex websites, content and dashboards. To allow free movement, 2x more bandwidth is offered by the state of the art WiFi chip for the best connection. With a more powerful CPU, you can experience smoother transitions. The glowing light indicates the current behavior of your Airtame 2. Last but not the least, security of your Airtame 2 is well taken care of. You can physically secure it with the help of The Kensington Lock slot.

You can book a demo through their website on a specified date and get a hands-on experience. They provide free shipping for more than 3 devices and a 30-day risk-free trial. You can address your queries via email to [email protected], via live chat at, or book a call on their website.

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