With 4 patents pending, 12-year-old Revant Namburi joins the ranks of young innovators


Revant Namburi is highly motivated and coming up with innovative solutions to everyday problems. And his designs prove he is on the way to doing just that.

Young innovators and ideators are stirring waves across the world, and the latest one to join this bandwagon of young achievers is BS Revant Namburi. With his inclination towards invention and an eye for tools that can ease everyday issues, Revant has already designed and applied for patents of four innovative technologies at the young age of 12.

A Class 7 student from Mount Litera Zee School in Nagpur, Revant Namburi is now working his way towards early entrepreneurship by brainstorming ideas in the areas of road safety, prevention of traffic violation, and so on.

Innovate to make a difference

Of Revant’s four patents, the first one pertains to a method for monitoring traffic violations in real time. The invention includes tools like a seatbelt sensor, breathalyser, heart rate analyser, and CPU, designed to store information and alert the authorities in case of any kind of violation.

The second technology makes use of QR codes to enable printing of data and document anywhere without the requirement of network connectivity.

The third patent relates to a system for preventing and/or detecting theft of vehicles using a smart key. It involves a smart key, a pre-installed SIM card, and an authorisation process ensuring the security of the vehicle.

Finally, Ravent’s fourth patent outlines a method for preventing and/or detecting violation and theft of vehicles using a licence verification.

While his knack for inventive technologies is quite apparent, his interest to tackle problems seems to be a driving force for Revant.

Shedding more light, his mother Shilpa Shekhar Namburi, an MD in Ayurveda, tells, “His inclination is towards innovation. He is passionate about finding a solution to whatever problems he sees in everyday life. Right since Class IV, he has been discussing all sorts of issues with me. And just last year, he expressed his desire to do something about all these problems.”

On what is the possible road ahead for her son, she adds, “His aim is to become a scientist. He doesn’t want to get into any other sector.”

Shilpa shares an anecdote about a minor accident that shaped Revant’s ideas. “A rash driver crashed my car, and the side mirror was broken as a result. The situation triggered him and he realised whenever such mishaps happen, it is not possible to take it up to the authorities. He was inspired to find a solution for such incidents and he started designing all these innovative tools to help daily commuters and people in general.”

During this process, Revant was guided by Vivek Dahiya, a visiting faculty member at Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Intellectual Property and Management.

“Dr Shilpa mentioned Revant and his ideas, and I was quite amazed. I was happy to hear about these kinds of concepts from him, and then my team and I did the research to find out if there are similar ideas,” says Vivek, adding, “In my 11 years of experience, he is the youngest innovator I have met.”

Having already tried his hand at innovative designs and technologies, Revant is now working on a project for detection and deactivation of landmines. He had the idea after watching a patriotic movie and following some research online about the victims and the number of lives lost because of landmines, the young innovator is now motivated towards this cause.

Source: Yourstory

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