Block Friday: the best rectangular, square, cube & cuboid Black Friday deals



What’s the best shape in the world? Hold on, don’t answer – I know exactly what you’re going to say: a square. Something cube-ish at least. I knew it and you’re in luck: welcome to Block Friday.

Look, normal Black Friday lists are good and all, but kind of boring. They have some good deals, but where’s the theme? What ties them all together? Where’s the art?

That’s right, nowhere. Block Friday is different. Here, we’re going to round up the best deals on square, cube, and cuboid products. Why? Because you’re worth it.

Wow, look at that hunky block. It’s HP’s best selling desktop and it’s easy to see why. Strong performance and a reasonable price, especially when it’s $270 down from its retail price of $800. The starting model comes with Windows 10 Home, an 8th Generation Intel® Core™ i5-8400 processor, 8GB of memory and 1 TB HDD storage.

What more do you want from Block Friday than that?



I tell you, there’s something magical about having a pocket-sized device that can print photos on the go. And I’ll tell you something else: only a block-shaped object could’ve pulled this off. Praise be polyhedrons.

Yep, the Sprocket is currently running a $10 off deal and is a perfect purchase for Black Friday. Sorry, Block Friday. You know you need/want it.

Price: ~$120


My god, is there anything that cuboids can’t do? This iRobot device proves how powerful the shape is. Just imagine never having to mop again. Ponder it. Because it’s within your reach, especially now the Braava jet from iRobot is now $30 cheaper than usual. The future’s here.

Price: ~$170


P.S. Are you in the market for a non-block robot that hoovers your floor, rather than mopping it? Well, iRobot is also running a deal where you can get up to $200 off a selection of its Roomba machines. No, they aren’t cuboids, but they are quite good.

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We all know square things are magical, but a Harry Potter-themed square is magical to an entirely different level. Just look at that sweet patronus box. Wouldn’t it look magnificent in your abode? Plus, when it’s 50 percent off its retail price, it’d be a crime not to buy one. Praise Block Friday!

Price: ~$20


Are you ever so busy that you miss a meal? Well, maybe you should take a look at Plenny Drink. This is a fortified oat and plant-based beverage that contains 20 percent of your daily nutrition (and 27 essential vitamins and minerals) in one handy block-shaped pack. Plus, to celebrate Block Friday (it’s a thing now), you can get 23 percent off a purchase! Square nutrition has never been easier.

Price: ~varies

Jimmy Joy

Books might be the all-time classic block-shaped product. They’re just so iconic in the square community.  So, let’s all be thankful that Amazon took this aesthetic in mind when it developed the distinctly block-ish Kindle. It’s also currently got 33 percent off its retail price too. Nice one, Block Friday.

Price: ~$80


Mirror, mirror on the wall, what’s the blockiest phone of them all? Well, to be honest, that’s most of them these days. Ignoring that, why not the Samsung Galaxy Note9? We thought this was one of the best phones on the market when we reviewed it and we know you’ll feel the same.

Price: ~$800


Let’s say you don’t want an unlocked device like the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 above. If you’re more interested in getting a contract alongside your phone, Best Buy is currently running a great deal on the Pixel 3, where you can pay almost $17 less a month than usual. In our review, our main issue with the Pixel 3 was its price, something this block-based deal rectifies.

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Price: varies

Best Buy

Yes. This is what Block Friday is all about. Check out the sweet squareness of that Dell laptop. Even better than that, when we reviewed this badboy, we said it had the “the perfect combination of power, size, and beauty.” This is only truer now you can get 18 percent off its review cost.

Price: ~$1,200


We spend a lot of our lives sleeping, so it goes without saying that we should pay attention to what we’re sleeping on. And EightSleep makes some of the best mattresses out there. Plus, the mattresses have a smart layer that tracks how you’re snoozing, which should scratch the tech itch we know you have. Combine this with a free Echo Dot and you have one hell of a Block Friday deal. Bless the cuboid mattresses.

Price: ~starting at $899 with discount


The EightSleep mattress sound good, but are you based in the UK? Then try out the wonderfully square-ish Leesa Mattress. With this offer, a single mattress will start at £310 AND you’ll get free delivery. What a time to be alive.

Price: ~starting at £310 for a single


A lot of cameras are block shaped, but do you know the ruler of Block Friday? Correct – the GoPro. If you’ve ever wanted a hardy, tough, and adaptable camera to take with you on your adventures, the $70 you can get off the Hero7 Silver could be a deal breaker.

Price: ~$230


That’s a beautiful cube above a gorgeous cuboid right there. And this is also one hell of a deal. The Sabre SB 35 from Harman/Kardon is down from a thousand dollars to about $300. If you’re looking for a home entertainment set-up, it’ll be hard to pass on this one.

Price: ~$300


You know Vimeo, right? The video player? And what shape is that video player? You’re right: a rectangle, which is a type of square. Once again, we win.

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Currently, the company is offering 25 percent off Plus, Pro, or Business Annual Plans, as well as a free Mevo camera if you take the plunge. Unfortunately the camera is a bit too round to be a square, but it does have some block-like tendencies. The video player, that’s Block Friday through-and-through.

Price: ~varies


We love the Pax 3 weed vape, it’s one of the best ways to get high. On top of that, you can get $50 off its normal retail price. Wondering about whether to invest in a vape? Do it. It’ll change your whole smoking life. Also, isn’t it just one of the cutest cuboids around?

Price: ~$150

Namaste Vaporizers

Okay, so the stuff inside the box might not be square-shaped, but do you know what is? The box itself. That’s what I’m talking about. Littlebits make amazing kits that help kids explore their creativity, as well as getting them to learn about coding and programming. That’s precisely the sort of thing we expect cubes and cuboids to be doing.

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