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Nalli Kuppuswami Chetti loves Carnatic music, so much so that he has been a patron of the annual music season in Chennai for over 50 years. We take a dip into the past and bring to light a patron of the arts who has consistently given financial backing to nurture Carnatic music. As the music season begins this year in Chennai, YS Weekender caught up with one of the most successful silk merchants in India, 79-year-old Nalli Kuppuswami Chetti of Nalli Silks, to know more about his stellar contribution towards keeping the organisations that nurture Carnatic music alive.

Understanding the power of branding

One of the biggest myths of entrepreneurship is that you have to worry about branding only after your company gains renown. The truth is that you have to worry about branding from the minute you start ideating on your product. Branding is not simply an exercise of printing your name on the package. It is a composite exercise of persona creation. So you need to do deep dive into every aspect of this. Here’s how you can create a unique brand for your company.

How to eat your laddoo and be healthy too this new year

Nutritionist and food coach Anupama Menon is the Co-founder of ‘Right Living’, a nutritional counselling and education platform that offers food and lifestyle plans. In her nutrition plans, she customises food pyramids that allow three cheat meals a week, with a focus not just on weight and fat loss but also offers an in-depth understanding of supplemental science. YS Weekender spoke to food coach Anupama Menon on how to lose weight before the end of the year and what our health resolutions for the New Year should be.

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Anupama Menon says that weight loss is a personal journey, and should be treated thus, rather than going for a regular one-size-fits-all formula.

Ditch that fixed mindset to achieve personal growth

Everyone has a capacity for lifelong learning. But it begins with changing your own perceptions of yourself. Today, scientists, for the first time in history, believe that our brains—and by extension, our personalities—are not rigid. They have found that people have the capacity for lifelong learning and brain development. Here’s why you should move from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset for a life of success and happiness.

Ships are meant for sailing, not for the harbour: Hansi Mehrotra

Hansi Mehrotra, Founder of The Money Hans, is passionate about sailing. According to her, yachts can be made faster through better design and lighter materials so racing organisers apply handicaps to make the races competitive. While investing, you may have some handicaps such as not being knowledgeable enough, or not being able to access certain asset classes. But, you can make up for these by surrounding yourself with a champion crew of a good financial adviser, a good accountant, a good lawyer, and some good funds that add value. Hansi has learnt many more life lessons from this special hobby. How did they help her on her entrepreneurship journey?

An ocean of wisdom: Hansi Mehrotra and lessons learnt from sailing

What is restaurateur Amit Ahuja’s idea of perfect happiness?

Amit Ahuja worked with the Embassy group for twelve years before becoming the founder of AA Hospitality in 2015. Now 35, he is a restaurateur striving to create unique dining concepts across Bengaluru and the rest of the country. He currently owns and operates The Open Box, MISU and Housefull. Here are his answers to our Proust Questionnaire.

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Of values, likes and dislikes: Amit Ahuja tackles the Proust Questionnaire

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