PewDiePie Vs T-Series Fight Will Help Child Labourers In India; Rs 1.6 Crore Raised In 24 Hours


The fight between Youtube celebrity PewDiePie and Indian music label T-Series is legendary.

But now, this fight has become memorable, as Pewdiepie is supporting an Indian Child Rights charity to help child laborers in India.

And more than Rs 1 crore was raised on day #1.

This noble gesture by Pewdiepie will no doubt help him to get more followers, and become more popular in India.

Pewdiepie vs T-Series: The Ongoing Ugly Fight

Both are competing against each other to become World’s most followed Youtube channel, and the fight has taken some nasty twists, turns in the past.

Pewdiepie has been the #1 Youtube channel since 2013, and their fans don’t want him to lose.

PewDiePie fans, most of whom are teenagers have been accused of racism, as they post hatred-fuelled comments against Indians and Indian company T-Series. (Pewdiepie calls them 9-year olds)

Pewdiepie’s real name is Felix Kjellberg, who is a Swedish gamer, and often his own content borderlines on racism-fuelled humor, which mocks 3rd world countries, and their behavior.

While Pewdiepie has 74,178,666 subscribers as of now; T-series has 73,717,230 subscribers. Recently, fans of Pewdiepie even approached UK Prime Minister to help them beat T-series!

Pewdiepie’s Noble Gesture

Yesterday, via Youtube video and Tweets, Pewdiepie announced his support for CRY, an Indian NGO which supports child labourers. A GoFundMe page was created, which was shared with all PewDiePie fans so that they can contribute.

Pewdiepie said, “Sometimes in these comments, you see comments like ‘f-ck Indians,’ […] just really distasteful, unnecessary comments. And I obviously make Indian jokes and stuff like that, but I do that of all countries, and this is not what I’m about.”

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Adding, he said, “No more ‘f-ck India.’ Instead, let’s help India.”

Within few hours, more than Rs 1.6 crore was raised by Pewdiepie fans, and this was indeed magical.

Ever since this charity work as done by Pewdiepie, his subscriber count is increasing at a faster pace, and the gap between T-series and his own channel is widening.

Besides, lots of positive tweets and Youtube comments from Indians were also posted for Pewdiepie.

We appreciate this noble gesture by Pewdiepie and hope that more such Youtube celebrities will come forward, and support social causes in India.


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