Uncanny Valley brings its pixel-based survival horror to Switch

Indie developer Cowardly Creations and publisher Digerati announced today that the pixelated survival horror game Uncanny Valley is coming to Switch on December 25.

Uncanny Valley has been on PC via Steam since 2015, were it has over 100,000 owners according to SteamSpy, although changes in Steam’s privacy policy. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions followed in 2017. Nintendo’s Switch, however, has become a hotbed for indie games. New titles like Dead Cells and Celeste have found success on the platform, but even older indie games like Super Meat Boy are increasing sales by porting over to the portable/home console hybrid machine.

Most survival horror games are 3D affairs, such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill. Uncanny Valley stands out with a 2D, pixel-based take on the genre.

Uncanny Valley encourages multiple playthroughs to see all the game’s secrets. It also has a “consequence system,” where mistakes may not result in death but other problems, like a broken arm that makes shooting harder.

Source: VentureBeat

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