Business Plan For Print Media, Video & Nine Network Company

About the entity – Inventiva:

  1. Inventiva came into existence in Year 2017 on 21st of January and it is continuously working for startups, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners by serving them with a good platform to promote themselves or their business and their news regarding the same since last 15+ months till now.
  1. Inventiva has done a tremendous work as covered around 400+ Entrepreneurs with their Exclusive Interview and published almost around 2000+ articles for approx 700+ clients in total.
  1. Traffic reach of Inventiva is around 3,00,000+ per month on its web portal entity named and its social media presence is also getting more followers day by day resulting into 20,000+ as of now. Inventiva’s targeted audiences are the readers/people who are interested in startup eco-systems and hence it is growing day by day as a web magazine.
  1. A Good News:- We are launching Inventiva’s First Print Version in August 2018 with 2000 copies of which will be distributed free of cost in all Entrepreneur cells in Higher rated Management and Engineering colleges, Incubators and co-working spaces, that will result in more readability to our product and will in-turn benefit our clients too.

About the entity – Centiplex:

  1. Centiplex came into existence in Year 2017 in November and it is also working for startups, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners in same fashion as Inventiva.
  1. Centiplex has around 100+ clientele in terms of Entrepreneurs or businesses with their Exclusive Interview or articles.
  1. Traffic reach of Centiplex is around 50,000+ per month on its website and on social media presence it has 10,000+ followers as of now. Targeted audiences are the same as for Inventiva.

Charges for featuring yourselves on Inventiva’s Web and Print Versions and Centiplex’s website Separately:

Print Version – Inventiva:

  1. ADs
  • Front Page (Main side) Ad : 50,000 INR
  • Front Page (Flip side) Ad : 40,000 INR
  • Back Page (Main side) Ad : 40,000 INR
  • Back Page (Flip side) Ad : 30,000 INR
  • Internal Pages – Full Page Ad : 12000 INR
  1. Exclusive Interview covering two pages : 6000 INR
  2. Article covering one page : 3000 INR

Web Version – Inventiva:

  1. Exclusive Interview : 5000 INR
  2. Article(with link) : 1000 INR

NOTE: -Future Plan for Video Interview exclusively for our existing customers only who will be our share holders too is : we will provide them an opportunity to feature themselves via video interview in a full flashed Multi-cam Studio for 3000 INR only.

Web Version – Centiplex:

  1. Exclusive Interview : 2000 INR
  2. Article(with link) : 500 INR
  3. Article(without link) : 0 INR

Combo Offer for Print and Web for Inventiva and Centiplex both:


S.No Type/Platform Cost
1 ADs – Internal Page  – Inventiva Print 12000
2 Exclusive Interview – Inventiva Print 6000
3 Exclusive Interview – Inventiva Web 5000
4 Exclusive Interview -Centiplex Web 2000
5 12 Articles (1 per month) – Inventiva Web (1000 INR per article) 12000
6 12 Articles (1 per month) – Centiplex  Web (500 INR per article) 6000
7 1 Video coverage Interview – Inventiva (launching soon) 3000
  Total 46000
  Discount 6000
  Offer Price 40000



Current and Future Plan :

  1. As per the rules of Ministry of Corporate Affairs, we are planning to build a base of 200 Shareholders for a Strong Company Spread All Across India.
  2. Word Of Mouth Publicity is the best way to get reliable and sustainable Marketing technique in any era, which will be done by our through the network of share-holders.
  3. These combined Forces, Revenue and Resources of 200 People will make it a strong brand with presence across Country covering all states and cities and this union of 200 shareholders will result in generation of a big revenue of 40,000*200=80,00,000 INR, which will be a raised capital for the company.
  4. Local presence of those partners will retain the brand value just by convincing the localities to join hands with us to form a more successful Media Company.
  5. It will help us in creation of strong value fund of 80,00,000 INR where only the interest amount of this value fund will be enough to handle and manage entire year expenses for future and the profit will get increase at bullet speed that will be distributed to our team of 200 shareholders.
  6. There is a large probability of Repetition and Retention of our client base in form of Customers due to the good ROI and team efforts to build a network and network referral base.
  7. The Investors Gets Immediate Return of their investments (ROI) in terms of ads and content publishing in our different platforms getting media popularity and marketing in both print and web.
  8. Also they will get a long term ROI in form of Company Growth, Goodwill creation & Profits earned against their shares.
  9. With Such A Large Pool of Investments we are also planning to setup a multi-cam studio for video productions which will be used for the video interviews of our entrepreneurs, where preference and discounted offers will be available only for our Shareholders.
  10. We are planning to cover minimum 200+ videos of around 30 Minutes in the first 45 days of our studio setup only for our share-holders with 3 ads per video maximum of 10-15 seconds each featuring small startups, which will cost them only 2000 INR per ad.
  11. This Small Insertion of 3 Ads per Video, will generate an 6000 INR revenue per interview, that will in turn generate approx 12,00,000 INR as an extra profit that will again be a part of the profit sharing for our team of 200 commandoes.
  12. These 200+ Videos we will be going to share at our Social Media channels including YouTube also will definitely increase the profit earning for our team with the revenue generation from Google & YouTube.
  13. Further Plans of Setting up a 100% self owned video production, content development company producing reality shows, tv shows, comedy, daily soaps, musical shows.
  14. We also have a Plan of setting up the network business exchange meet amongst the individual startups and entrepreneurs for business exchange.
  15. If this will be a success story for us then later we can go for awards ceremony also.
  16. Press Kit Would be circulated to all our share-holders that will bring you a power of a media person or entity.
  17. We as a company will also be offering a life term insurance plans to all its share-holders as complimentary benefit upon achieving the break-even point for the company in future.
  18. Print Magazines will be circulated in all the Co-working Spaces, Entrepreneurship Cells in renowned management and Engineering colleges across India, Incubators as well as Retail outlets of famous brands like CCD, McDonalds, Pizza Hut or Dominos. Partnership is solicited.
  19. A Complimentary Subscription Will Also be given to all our share-holders for free.


The minimum investment right now sought from the share-holders as well as clients is only 40K against which we would be offering you a full value round the year marketing, branding, content and publishing opportunity in print as well as on-line websites.

You can download the entire Presentation of Business Plan Nine Network plan for Print and web magazine