Rahul Shinde – The carbide cutting tools man who knows no barriers!

Rahul Shinde, Director of Xtreme Tooling is a true example of dedication and success that he bred very passionately despite lots of constraints and difficulties. Rahul now proudly owns Xtreme Tooling, a carbide cutting tools Company that sells its sophisticated products to the leading enterprises in India and world. Xtreme Tooling markets its products under the brand name of ‘Fighter’ and has been a State Level Gold Boxer Champion firm! Xtreme Tooling is also the first Indian company in the niche of carbide cutting tools that offers cutting tool application software based products – an attribute that defines its might and frontier capabilities. Rahul Shinde can be credited for making this worth possible through his efforts and acumens that are today talked of as benchmarks in Indian Inc.
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Rahul who earned Diploma in M.E. and also got BMHS degree suffered through polio since his birth. However, he never let the barriers stand strong before him and went on with deep inspiration to usher success in a consistent manner. He defeated his polio condition through will power and it failed to restrict him in his initiatives that are now successes accomplished! No wonder, he values health much and therefore it is mandatory for all his work staffs to enroll for the gym!
After completing his formal education, he worked for two years with Patheja Forgings and later for MNCs like SANDVIK! He felt the entrepreneurial synergisms that inspired him for venturing into the cutting tools segment. He established his company with a loan assistance of INR 1.6 crores that he also paid back successfully in 2010 itself! However, this was just the beginning and later one, he dreamt even bigger! He set up Xtreme Tooling by putting in INR 10.2 crores this time. His enterprising capacities found channels now and Xtreme Tooling emerged the trusted brand through its range of refined products. His Company is now the leading producer of carbide cutting tools and manufactures solid carbide drills, solid carbide end mills, ball nose end mills and other sophisticated products of relevance. His Company adopts the motto of providing the right tool at right price, on time and every time! This in fact reflects the service vision of Rahul Shinde!
With staff strength of 40, Xtreme Tooling today supplies products to Mahindra Automotive, Kalyani Forge, Makino and many more enterprises. Slim n Smart, Dance and Fitness Studio are the side ventures started by Rahul. He has also ensured Yoga training for all office staffs and offers educational financing for 10 students every year as a mark of CSR!f
He is the first person to launch cutting tools drilling calculator android application and Online Carbide Tools Website.

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