Chinese Media Infuriated Response Over US Lab theory Of Coronavirus

Was it through bats as it is commonly believed or was it spread from a Chinese Laboratory as Mike Pompeo, the US state secretary has accused China of? Coronavirus which has created havoc in the entire world has also driven the entire world in a state of perplexity. Researches all over the world is going on to find its cure, however the bigger question that troubles the world is how did the virus originate?

After Pompeo’s comment on accusing China of releasing the virus from its laboratory, China’s state media has backfired and accused US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo of lying. Pompeo has said that there is great evidence that the Corona virus was born from Wuhan’s lab in China. Pompeo claimed this on Sunday. However, he did not give any detailed information in this matter.

In its editorial, the Chinese newspaper Global Times has written that Pompeo is of a “distorted mentality”. Also, the World Health Organization (WHO) has claimed that there is no evidence to it and it is based on America’s speculation and there is no specific authenticity in this regard.

What is the Chinese media saying?

chinese accuses us of hyping theory coronavirus escaped from lab in wuhan | world news - hindustan times

In its editorial, the Chinese media gave detailed information about the direction of thinking of the government. But no official statement has come on the statement of US Secretary of State Pompeo. The Global Times is not the only Chinese media that has targeted America or Pompeo. The People’s Daily says Pompeo has no evidence, while a report on CCTV accused US politicians of scandalous intrigue.

What Global Times published about Pompeo and US

On Monday, the Global Times accused Pompeo of misleading the theory and facts. On Tuesday also, a Chinese newspaper has attacked Pompeo for his statements. The newspaper has written- “Pompeo lies and wants to kill two birds with one stone. First, they hope to help Trump win again in November and second that he hates Socialist China and cannot accept China’s progress”.

It has been acknowledged in the editorial that there was some problem in China’s response to the early stages of the corona virus infection, but overall China’s performance in dealing with it was very good and it overshadowed those deficiencies. The newspaper has also written that it is a matter of thinking that for the first time a person was infected outside Wuhan due to the virus.

What did Mike Pompeo say?

In an interview US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that there is great evidence that the corona virus originated from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. He also said that, “Remember China has a history of infecting the world and they also have a history of running a low-standard lab”.

Mike Pompeo, the ex director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in the US, said he does not believe the virus was man-made or genetically modified.

It is believed that studies related to coronavirus spread through bats are underway in Wuhan Laboratory. In April, US President Donald Trump was asked whether such a virus came out due to weak security protocols through an intern and his boyfriend.

china was slammed for initial covid-19 secrecy, but its scientists led the way in tackling the virus | science|business

Trump did not confirm this theory, but he definitely said that they are constantly listening to many stories.

Last week, when he was asked whether he had such evidence, on the basis of which he can confidently say that the virus originated in Wuhan Laboratory. Trump said, “Yes, I have evidence”. But he further didn’t comment on this.

Last month, the US newspaper Washington Post reported that US officials had visited the Wuhan lab in January 2018 and had expressed concerns about the safety on their return.

What did experts say?

On Monday, Emergency Director Michael Ryan at the World Health Organization said that he had not received any data or evidence from the US about the origin of the virus. He further said, “From our point of view, it seems to be just a speculation”.

Only last week, American intelligence agencies said that they agreed that the virus was not man-made nor genetically modified.

However, American agencies had also said that they would keep trying to know whether the epidemic started due to contact with infected animals or it was the result of an accident in Wuhan’s laboratory.

Meanwhile, Western intelligence sources have told many media institutions that there is no evidence to suggest that the virus was leaked from the laboratory.

china dismisses us call for probe into covid lab leak | financial times

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