India’s exclusive Platform on Home Automation & Smart Home Technology in Mumbai

Welcome to the ultimate event for the future of Smart Home technologies, showcasing the latest innovations in Home Automation,Iot and smart home product,that are revolutionizing connected & assisted living.It’s a 2 days expo with 80 companies from Home Automation category would be displaying their products. Exhibition will be supported by Technical conferences, Product Launches, Product Demo and Experience Zone.
In the modern world we all are getting very dependent over technology. We are growing very swiftly in the digital world today. Now even homes are smarter by use of technology advancement which give us safety, security, automation, and many other crucial benefits in our day to day life. Smart homes concept is picking up attention even in some parts of sub-urban and rural areas in India.
Market is flourishing in India:-
In this digital era, we are dependent on technology for every aspect of our everyday life. At the same time, we are also conscious of sustainable way of life, conserving resources with the help of technology. Talking of efficiency and convenience, in future we would be completely reliant on technological innovations. Currently Smart homes market pertains to luxury projects, very soon it will become a requirement in all categories of housing. According to a recent Statista report, revenue in India for the Smart Home market is pegged at US$870m and the average revenue per installed Smart Home is US$97.59.Some of the main advantages of smart homes are safety and security, reduced manual intervention, convenience at the tap of a button, connectivity and accessibility. Considering the Internet of Things (IoT), every technology under home automation will make life easier, help in better time management, planning and efficient use of resources.
Our educated youth migrate to the urban areas in search of jobs and ultimately settle in the cities or urban work areas. This buyer segment with the desire to own a house in sync with the current trend aspires for Smart homes or homes that are adept to evolving technologies. In a country like India, where technology and digitalization is fast growing and accessible, home automation at affordable pricing would be a welcoming move. At present, apart from smart light/fan controls, other features gaining popularity among home buyers are security systems including CCTV, fire response and fighting systems and water management systems. With technological advancements this trend will rapidly evolve and many more smart features would gain demand among the end users.
The sector is witnessing prominent growth due to its various advantages. Apart from luxury segment, with home automation provided at affordable prices, homebuyers from various segments will begin opting for smart home and its benefits. Statista report also predicts Indian smart home market to hit 7.2% by 2022. In the wake of these positive numbers, I expect the overall industry to grow steadily in the future.
About the Organiser :-
Smart Home Expo is being organized by World Media & Expo LLP. who are known for executing expos on new subjects / category. Few shows like World office Expo & Coworking India Conference are their Inhouse shows .
For more details on Smart Home Expo, Please write to them on [email protected] or visit

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