Young Women Entrepreneurs Making Waves around the city


Looking to step out of the herd mentality? Dare to dream big?  Making Waves is surely the event that you should have been a part of that was led by 2 young entrepreneurs- Anchal Bajaj & Shibani Moorjhani.

Anchal Bajaj who once upon a time was a part of the corporate world decided to jump off her comfort zone and strive for her passion, which was travel!! Leaving a brand, established position and the perks of an MNC surely needs guts! But this girl today is clearly leading as an example by being the COO at Haute Islands- that has managed to partner with 40 best private islands across the world and she is also a trainer at leading Management Institutes.

She encountered Shibani Moorjani, the Founder & CEO of Surprise Me Event – who comes with a similar background. She has worked for 7years with highly reputed multinationals only to realise that her work was not her passion. As she quit her stable job she was overwhelmed to find her calling and realised that making people feel special and loved through event planning is what feeds her soul… Surprise Me Event is her baby wherein she plans, organises, and curates event’s and beautifully proof of how she has married her passion and career.

Making Waves

Making Waves was ideated then to share with all those women who fear change and doubt to live their life on their own terms. Making Waves is a platform for corporate/aspiring entrepreneurs to network with established entrepreneurs. The initiative was hugely backed by the gorgeous and inspiring entrepreneur- Farah Khan Ali who ranks 58th among the top 250 most influential women in the world. How cool is that! Her journey and success story shared at the event was insightful and all the ladies who attended had quite a few take away notes. The initiative was also supported by leading entrepreneurs’ like- Pooja Makhija, Zeba Kohli, RakheeVaswani, Minali Shah and Ami Shroff. What added on to empowering the ladies- was a talk by ShilpaKhushlani who is an Image Consultant and also a soft skills trainer.

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Net..Net..It was a fun, learning and networking meeting where you had wine pouring in and moments to plunge into shopping and lighten your pockets.

We can’t wait for Making Waves to host their second season, as we surely can’t wait to be a part of it.

For having such exhilarating collaborations, you can contact Surprise Me Event at:

Shibani Moorjani: +91 9820464939


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