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Business strategy for a poultry farm

A poultry farm is a type of farm that involves the breeding of a variety of domesticated birds for the purpose of producing food such as eggs and meat for human use. agriculture in India is the fastest growing sector in agriculture and agriculture in the country. Poultry farming is practiced by more than 3 million farmers.

Before addressing the issue of commercial poultry production, start with a definition of chicken farming. Poultry farming, in the context of animal husbandry, refers to the practice of breeding various species of domestic birds for the purpose of harvesting eggs, meat and feathers.

To produce eggs, meat, and feathers, poultry farmers breed a variety of domestic birds. Poultry farming The term “poultry farming” has become established in recent years, especially with regard to chicken farming, following the increased frequency with which hens are now regularly raised and produced. Agriculture is part of and originates from the poultry sector.Despite the fact that chickens are the highest animal in India, a wide variety of birds have been breeding and breeding for a long time.


Since India’s independence, the country’s poultry industry has undergone significant changes. This system has evolved from a chaotic and unscientific system to a well organized and planned system which is also scientific, commercial and well structured due to the development that has taken place since then. There is a line of business based on a simple method of home gardening. today valued at hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars.

Thanks to the Internet, anyone can now learn to start their own chicken farm by taking online courses.For example, states like Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal (which includes Kerala), and Maharashtra (which includes Karnataka) are famous for their chicken farming industries.

What was previously limited to family farming has now evolved and developed into a technologically advanced and commercially successful enterprise.

How much does it cost to start a poultry farm?

The costs you might expect to pay when starting a poultry business are primarily determined by the size of the business. The approximate cost in India would be as follows: Small scale chicken farm with an investment of INR 50,000 to 1.5,000 The cost of a medium scale chicken farm ranges from 1.5,000 to 3.5 000 INR. The cost of large scale chicken farming ranges from INR 7,000,000 to INR 10,000,000. For financial assistance, you could apply for a business loan from a financial institution.

Despite the fact that borrowing money from friends or family or applying for government programs are also viable options, a loan from a bank would allow tax deductions on the loan amount, making it the most advantageous choice. Step-by-step instructions for starting a poultry farm Step 1: Develop a business strategy A business plan is a roadmap that describes the steps that will be taken to achieve specified business goals.

It would be nice if the poultry farm business plan included the following

1. Identifying a suitable area for establishing a poultry farm.

2. A list of the required equipment.

3. Make a decision on the type of birds to keep on the farm.

4. Detailed information on procedures such as egg production, broiler rearing, etc.

5. Specifications relating to various resources, such as human capital and financial resources, among others

6.The marketing and advertising tactics that are underway. information about any legal permissions that may be needed, such as licenses and permits Measurement and purchase of the necessary equipment is done in step 2 Finding the right site for the business is the one of the most important tasks to do.


It is the costliest step in the process of starting a business from scratch. The size of the property varies depending on the nature and scope of the business. There are four different types of poultry farms and they are as follows:

Because birds will be allowed to roam freely, a free range poultry farm between 12,000 and 36,000 square feet is required. SemiRange Poultry Farm – This type of farm requires approximately 8,000 square feet of land. A battery poultry farm of approximately 6,000 square feet is required for birds and infrastructure.On this type of farm, birds will not be allowed to roam freely on the property.

Completely wild poultry farm – With an abundance of trees, this type of farm is comparable to the natural environment of birds. The same will require the use of approximately 44,000 square feet in total. The location should be remote from the city, ideally safe, quiet and pollution-free, with easily accessible services such as fresh water and a market where supplies can be purchased, among other considerations when choosing a location. ‘a location.

When it comes to marketing poultry production, it is generally recommended that you establish a poultry farm on your property. It is also crucial to identify what equipment will be needed to run the business and to obtain such equipment during the early stages of the business. Before anything else, it is essential to choose which system will be used and which will not.

There are three types of systems ideal for Indian conditions: intense system, semi-intensive system and extended system. Starting a chicken farm in India is a difficult business. Tips for Beginners In this step you will decide what type of bird you will use for your poultry farming business. With one of the largest chicken markets in the world, India is one of the world’s largest producers of poultry meat. , poultry meal, quail and many others.

Over 600 different varieties of chicken are bred around the world, 92 of which are bred in India for the production of meat and eggs. Here are the three most common types of chickens in India:

Compared to other chickens, broilers grow at a rapid rate and can reach full maturity in as little as eight weeks. In addition, broilers have a large amount of meat on their bodies. Laying hens are a separate breed of hens that come under the category of hens and are bred for egg production. She will begin to lay eggs at 18-19 weeks of age and may do so until 72-78 weeks of age.

Depending on the breed, laying hens can lay more than 250 eggs per year and eat around 2.25 kg of food per day. Gallinacei like roosters (also called galli) are the males of the species. The term “rooster” refers to when they are young, while the term “rooster” refers to when they are fully developed.However, due to their territorial nature, they can protect laying hens. Due to the Gauls’ ability to quickly adapt to various situations, they can be transferred in no time. Measures to be taken for the care and management of poultry farms are taken in step 4.

In order to protect the health and safety of birds, it is essential to take preventive measures that help to feed and maintain them. make it grow appropriately. There are many dangers associated with operating a poultry farm, the most important of which is disease in poultry. It is essential to provide chickens with clean water, healthy food and regular vaccines. Adequate safeguards and regular regulation will help ensure that you do not incur significant financial losses due to illness and other potential dangers that may arise.

poultry farming the humane league

Step 5: Obtain the necessary licenses and permits to start a poultry farm. Initially, it was difficult to overcome the legal hurdles of starting a chicken farm in India.However, in light of the growing demand for chicken products, the Indian government is taking steps to help and develop the poultry industry. After obtaining the necessary permits and licenses, it is possible to establish and operate a chicken farm in India with little or no assistance from a legal professional.

To start operating a chicken farm in India, the owner must first obtain the following permits from the Indian government: No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the surrounding area Panchayat (village council).

The Pollution Board has issued a Certificate of No Objection (NOC). Authorization to use energy granted Depending on the size of the poultry farm, it may be necessary to use an electrical transformer. The Ministry of Groundwater has granted permission for this. Effective marketing and advertising campaigns are the sixth step.

The high demand for chicken products in India makes it easier to advertise poultry products in the country after establishing a trade name and creating a distinctive logo for it. Depending on the size of the production, it is possible to sell the items in nearby markets and even move them to other cities.

What are the most effective strategies for starting a chicken farm?

Making a profit from a poultry farm Poultry farming is a profitable business in the Indian subcontinent. It is expected that it will take an average of 6 months to break even. Profitability strongly depends on the size of the business. it has been noted, however, that even small-scale chicken farming can provide a respectable profit.

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