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Can Coronavirus Spread By Dead Bodies Of People That Have Died Due To Coronavirus?

The whole world is going through a terrible phase of Coronavirus at this time. All countries are totally devastated and depressing pictures of people dying due to coronavirus are flourishing over the internet.

Viruses can remain alive in the bodies of people who die from coronavirus. Thus with proper measures the dead bodies needs to be disposed.

There is a big fear that these dead bodies will spread the infection by post-mortem. How dead corona patients can spread the infection? Should these dead bodies be burnt or buried?

Let us know what are the facts

Can dead bodies spread infection?

the bodies of people who died from covid-19 may still be contagious - scientific american

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) if necessary precautions are taken, there is no risk of infection from the dead bodies of patients. However, if not taken then it can be dangerous.

Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO / WHO) spokesman said earlier this month that corpses can spread symptoms to living people. However, there no evidence has yet been found.

Can Virus Survive in the Corpses of Coronavirus Patients?

Yes, it does.

Only those killed by the influenza epidemic need to be cautiously operated during the post mortem of the lungs of the corpses. If caution is not taken during this time, the infection can spread. Apart from this, there is no evidence of infection from any kind of corpse.

However, infection can spread from the corpses of patients dying of respiratory diseases like pneumonia, tuberculosis and bronchitis, because its virus can survive in lungs and other organs even after dying.

How can the virus be removed from dead bodies?

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coronavirus: the first three months as it happened

These viruses can be removed during post mortem by medical devices. Such viruses can also be removed from dead bodies through internal washing.

Family members of those killed by coronavirus should ensure that only trained people are employed to prepare the corpses before the funeral (before burning or burial).

It is also important that these professional people are also using the necessary methods to prevent infection with the corona virus. It is very important for people preparing for funeral or getting it done to be safe.

Trouble over funeral

In some countries of the world, coronavirus patients are getting so many deaths that the situation related to the funeral has created a crisis situation.

In some countries, the funeral of dead bodies has been banned in view of the rules of social distancing. It has been allowed in some countries but the number of people joining it has been very limited.

The WHO has said that the family and friends of those who died may attend the funeral, but certain rules must be followed by them.

Apart from this, people who are showing signs of respiratory problems should not attend the funeral. If you are getting involved, then wear a mask so that infection does not spread.

Children, elderly and immunosuppressed people above the age of 60 should not come in direct contact with the corpse.

Corpse burnt or buried?

no evidence to show covid-19 spreads through corpses: mumbai hc - the economic times

WHO says that corpses can also be buried and burnt. It is a common myth that the corpse of a person who dies of infectious disease should not be burnt. But this is not true. The burning of corpses is a matter of culture. It is also dependent on available resources.

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Care is also needed in the case of burial. Those who work to keep the corpses in the grave should wear gloves.

They should also wash their hands thoroughly before and after burial. WHO says that in case of the last rites of dead bodies of coronavirus patients, there should be no haste.

Along with this, the clothes of the dead person should also be burnt. However, these clothes should also be burnt only by wearing gloves. The clothes should be thoroughly washed with detergent. It should be washed with bleach or with a solution that contains 70% ethanol.

Clothes should be washed with washing powder or soap at a temperature of 60 to 90 degrees with a washing machine. They can be soaked in hot water and then washed.

Dignity while burial should be maintained – WHO

The WHO has said that the dignity, culture and religious traditions of the person killed from coronavirus should be taken care of.The families of such people should be respected and they should get protection. But the rising panic of coronavirus has proved difficult to do in many countries.

Ecuador is the country most affected by coronavirus after Brazil in Latin America. Ecuador’s health system is not able to withstand the pressure created by coronavirus. The place of keeping corpses is full. Coffins and corpses have been lying in the streets for many days.

Recently, the world was shaken by seeing pictures of mass graves of New York, Brazilian cities.

WHO says that even in this very difficult period, the families of those killed should find some place to express their grief.

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The administration and agencies should try to handle the situation on a case-by-case basis. At such a time, they need to strike a balance between the rights of families, investigation into the causes of death and the risk of infection.

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