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An IIT-D student is building the “Great Wall on Internet”.

An IIT-D student seeking for marketing his website lands up building a place to publicize every startup at a cheap price.
The Internet Population is growing at a really fast rate. And the competition between the websites to rise to the top is increasing at a much higher rate. Increasing the reach of page and content, marketing products online and getting more number of organic clicks is now the ultimate goal every website owner sets his eyes on across the internet.
To fulfill this basic necessity, A number of marketing strategies and algorithms are made and adopted every day in and day out across the social media market. And a number of new plans and initiatives have been taken to promote and strategize websites across all domains.
The Great Wall on Internet is one such initiative of Quaff Media to promote one of their own start-ups Writm. As the name suggests, the homepage consists of a giant pixel wall that accommodates exactly 100*100 bricks. The user can buy any number of bricks and marketize their product/organization/startup/business or even their social media profiles. Anything that needs audience/followers/customers can easily be promoted using this great wall.
A famous saying by Milton Berle goes by “If Opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”. Same is the inspiring story of these guys from Quaff Media. They didn’t stop after facing negative funds a shortage of money for their app and website promotion. This wall space will now fund their blog writing startup Writm and they will try to reach a much wider audience and simultaneously generate funds with the Great wall of Internet in the next step.
Everything on the internet keeps changing very fast, But the group promises to stay online for atleast 5 years and this is the best time for something like the “Million Dollar Homepage” to dig deep its roots as something Indian should now be helping our brands after frequently changing Trumps policies and rules for Indians and Indian companies.
In the long run, This wall will surely help the brands and organization to get the promotion going as this is really cheap with no yearly renewals and just an amount of $15 (1000/-Rs) buys you a brick for 5 long years that would be accessed by tens of millions of users. Yeah! That’s just for 15 dollars!
Amazing! Right ? Just check the site.

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