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An innovative tech solution that will make standing in long queues at restaurants, cafes and food court a thing of past

One evening while waiting for his coffee at a popular mall Udit realized that he spent over 30 minutes in queue ordering a coffee to have a 10-minute meeting. He channeled his anger into an idea that is now available for free download across all smartphones – Toodit
It takes a lot of energy, passion, commitment and patience in converting any idea into reality. Thus, like all entrepreneurs, he struggled for a substantial time in his attempts to accompany all the stakeholders viz. the technology experts, mentor, restaurant owners and investors to give best to consumers. Manu Grover who was the Vice President at Haldiram’s to start the brand into online forum has been a desirous supporter and chief strategist in bringing the idea to life and his rich experience of start ups and food industry has been a driving force.
Toodit intends solving a very basic problem of queue management by adding discipline in every segment of society. This mobile application proposes to empower restaurants to increase sales, monitor sales prediction, manage time, manage human resource and raw materials through better and systematic management of customers.
M.r Udit Agarwal, founder, himself is a digital marketing specialist who was formerly running his own international BPO. He is a BCA graduate from JIMS. He credits this mobile application to his love for experimenting with food. He personally envisaged each step of the business from building the core team to the corporate alliance with outlet owners. His initial plan is to secure and understand the space well and serve 10000 pleased customers before venturing for scaling. He foresees a steady growth design with no plans for immediate expansion. The first year will go into studying the market predictions and then consider smart cities over the next couple of years. The app is set to enroll the first restaurant shortly and on a mission to permit the foodies to enjoy the food better this Diwali in Delhi-NCR.
In a market full of apps that deliver food at the doorstep, Toodit stands out as it increases the take-away/dining out experience by making sure that the customer does not have to wait too long for feeding their taste buds and stand in long lines outside restaurants. You can check out the details of the App and how it works on
Toodit has completed the successful unofficial beta testing of the app. The official Beta testing will commence on 12th October 2017 at the Food Festival of the Culinary Arts Society of Hansraj College, Delhi University. The App is all set to roll out in the market around Diwali. The members of the Culinary Arts Society saw Toodit as an incredibly impressive venture and are very happy to host the Beta testing. In fact, Toodit is the official technology partner of the festival and is all set to bring to life the First Ever Automated Food Fest in Delhi!

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