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20 Ways You Can Make Money On Weekends

“What are your weekend plans?” – is possibly the most asked question on Fridays or Thursdays (if you’re having a slow week). For most people weekend involves spending time in bed or catching up with friends over drinks & food. But there are some of us who are spending their weekends at home, yearning to hold time with value and productivity.
For those of you who are looking to get busy buzzing for big bucks, we have some really simple yet effective ways you can make money on weekends.

1. Find a buyer – OLXolx

OLX is a new generation online portal that offers free local classifieds ads. This is your go to website if you’re one of those who buys things more than what you’d need. And so for you, it’s ironic to make extra money by selling stuff you would possibly never use. You can list all your items to be sold on OLX and put a reasonable price for it to find a buyer and that’s all. You can meet your buyer at a decided location and exchange your trash with them cash.

2. Find a buyer – Quikr

Quikr is another site that can be used to list your unused or old products for free. Here, just like OLX, you can pick a price for your items and sell your things to the best buyer. When you think of selling your old stuff, be sure to sign up on both these sites so you have more options to choose a buyer. Also, there are chances your products will be sold faster this way.

3. Find a buyer – Facebook

gd facebook marketplace web
With 270 million users, India ranks on top with the most Facebook users in the world. With that said, Facebook has lakhs of groups where you can also sell and purchase different types of items from. So here you have 3 different ways you can make money on weekends by selling all those things that you won’t use but can easily make money from.

4. Private tutoring –

In my opinion, one of the best ways to make money is by teaching. With competition on an all-time rise, most students can use extra help in understanding those boring textbook concepts. If you ended up teaching your fellow mates subjects like Science, Maths or English in your group study sessions, then tutoring is for you. So go ahead, reach out to those kids in your neighborhood who hate school and give them a reason to shine in class.

5. Show some photography –

Photography is one of those arts that is at an all-time high. If you have a good eye behind the camera and can see the world uniquely through those lenses, then you are meant for this job. Let your hobbies find a way to bring you some added credit not just on your Instagram but also in your bank account. Birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, special occasion are all grand with social media attention. Given that, you can make a few extra bucks with photography for your friends and family. You can also target new restaurants, office property, store launch, events for photography projects to make money on weekends.

6. Sell handmade items –

If you are a DIY expert and love all things handmade, then this is your time for glory. From decor to quick fixes, fashion to skin care, there is nothing that can’t be handmade. And while you’re at it, get those DIY videos made too. This will not only help you create an online brand for yourself but also get two things done at the same time. Make those items and find your tribe who appreciates your style of work enough to pay you for it.

7. Start a YouTube channel –

starting a youtube channel for beginners 1 While we are on the topic of videos, DIY is not the only reason to start your own YouTube channel. Think of a hobby or things that you like to do and find a way to share it with the world by means of videos. What better platform to share videos than YouTube. It can be anything, reviews on movies, books, games, TV series, tutorials on fast learning, makeup, work-out, art, videos on comedy, singing, drama, the list is endless. And so are your options to earn money from YouTube ads. Go explore and find your way into the video blogging world.

8. Sit a fur friend –

pet sitting
This is one of my favorite ways to earn money on weekends. Unlike babysitting, taking time out for the fur friends is one of the most delightful ways to earn extra bucks. Who doesn’t want a pet’s company? Let alone pet-sitting for money, most people are ready to do the job for free. But given that some of us are not at the luxury of spending leisure time without having anything in return, so go ahead and find travel junkies with a pet to look after when they are out.

9. Bake & take –

baking ways to make more money weekend Another one from the box of hobbies. If you are good at cooking or better even – baking, than stop reading this blog and go heat that oven for your next source of pocket money. When it comes to food, most people buy taste, so if you’re really good at this art then get the first batch made for sampling. Find your neighbors, friends, family and have them taste your handmade and make them your possible clients. Have them spread the word and get busy with baking.

10. Not just personal blogging –

calendar bloggers 9 2
Are you a creative head always thinking of getting your thoughts through with words? Or one of those who your friends always call for Instagram captions? Let your diary, poems & essays bring you closer to some money. Get them out and floating in your circle of those working for media, advertisement or creatives. Or just reach out to employers looking for freelancers on LinkedIn. These industries are always actively looking for creative writers who can take some of their burden of writing away. Writing is a popular way to make money on weekends.

11. Don’t freelance for free –
freelance work ftr 1024x640

It’s not just your skills in the kitchen or words that are in demand. Just like with YouTube videos, you can find a way to work as a freelancer for almost anything that you think you are good at. What do you do for a living? Think about the value you create at work, the same value can be outsourced to those companies that might not have the bandwidth for a huge team. For such organisations, you can be their helping hand on your extra hours in return of some extra money.

12. Proofreaders get paid –

proofreading services
Another one of those freelancing ideas is proofreading. Yes, there is a great demand for proofreaders given the surplus of web content online. Creators need checkers for their content generators to keep their quality in check. Go ahead, reach out to those blogging sites and this time go ahead and really change that grammar when you see it.

13. Play music for money –

music ways to make money on weekends
Like I said, you can have your passion flood your pockets. If you can play even one music instrument well, then you have a talent that others will pay to watch. Let music be your way to make money on weekends or weekdays (if you’re really good). Host private gigs, play at parties for your friends and family and try to get comfortable with playing for an audience. Then try your luck at cafes, restaurants, lounges and hotels to see if you can find a spot to play on weekends.

14. Work from home –

virtual A lot of jobs these days don’t necessarily need you to be there in person but only want you online for work. Jobs like data entry, research, editing, making presentations, social media handling, etc can be taken up when you have free time. These jobs don’t come with liability and so you are free to take them up only when you want to.

15. Work away from home –

ways to make money on weekends away from home If you are a social butterfly, love meeting new people and making friends, you can work away from home to make extra money on weekends. Jobs like crowd handling for different events, functions, celebrations & festivals are in need of people interactors to collect data. Yes, these jobs exist and you can find them online.

16. Sell your photos –

sells photos to make money on weekends Websites like SmugMug, 500px and PhotoShelter are blessings to photographers. Those of you who are skilled, upload your pictures on these sites and start selling your work for extra bucks.

17. Event planning –

event planning hdr
Most events are planned and organized by professionals, given their footfall and popularity. If you are good at client facing then go ahead and look for your interested events. They don’t have to be corporate events, they can be weddings, birthdays, festivals, anything. Your creativity with themes for these events can take you a long way with not only extra bucks but maybe a full-time alternate career.
Want to rent out a space for a birthday party or for a photoshoot? Click here!

18. Write reviews –

reviews stars 350473172 ss 1920 There are many websites that will pay you to write product reviews. If you have good knowledge about their relevant industry and are a fast writer, this may be a way for you to make money on weekends. This works even better if you can find a niche that you’re passionate about.
Upwork might be a good place to start sharing your resume and experience in this area.

19. Become a host –

host to make more money on weekends If you are a confident potato who doesn’t care about having to face an audience than you can become a host. There are a number of brands that look for hosts to lead their events in different malls, hotels, corporate settings, etc.

20. Become a translator –

language translator If you know more than one language and one of those is your mother tongue, then we have an offer you won’t be able to refuse. You guessed it right, become a translator to make more money on weekends. Most state governments look for language experts. Translators can help with state affairs, university portions, regional media, etc.

Working full time from Monday-Saturday and but have an amazing startup idea that you need to think more on? Now that we’ve found 20 ways for your to make more money on weekends, we also want to guide you to Mumbai Coworking a place that gives you the space to brainstorm all your ideas. Who know where your ideas will take you but we know we want them to start from here.

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