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Augmented Reality And The New Face Of Communication

Learning from the early SMS, our biggest issue with traditional texting was that emotions could never be fully captured through mere letters. Thus, through an innovative and resourceful rescue, the emoticon was born out of mathematical symbols a.k.a. emoticons.
Today, with the drive to flavour communication further, classic emoticons have been replaced by the more popular emojis. We find ourselves with emojis for things we didn’t even think we’d want to assert. There is literally no real use for an emoji of a chestnut – yet it’s here to stay leaving it open for human beings to consume creatively.
But Do We Really Need To Wait For Emojis To Be Presented To Us?
Or could we boldly begin crafting our own emojis through physical expression? This is where Augmented Reality or AR is stepping in to take the chariot forward. Classic case – Animojis.
Animojis And Fore-Fronting The AR Train
The hottest word of the year ‘Animoji’ is fast picking up across smartphones. Xpresso is facilitating this revolution by enabling the user to move from mere emoji replication to creating personalised avatars that add a user-valued personal touch to their communication. Texting is now expressive, playful, personal and readily available through our cloud-based platform. It takes a user seconds to unlock hundreds of emojis and animojis for themselves, depicting themselves as closely as possible.
Wait, What?
To put it simply, we’ve come a long way from being able to text the words “yeah right” to actually capturing our eyes rolling to assert the sarcasm.
Curious Developers Now Have Access To A Number Of Platforms To Change Their World
Almost anyone can now customise animations and interactive effects opening up a whole language to speak and changing the way we look at the world. Xpresso’s cloud-based API is available to easily incorporate Xpresso in their ads thereby creating an enriching and engaging communication. Chatbots, digital billboards and rich social media ads that make use of this futuristic means of communicating with customers, grabbing significant attention in the quick span of a scroll.
Possibilities Of The Future Of AR In Communication?
We’ve shifted from a highly primitive form of communication to an endless possibility platform driven by our own body language. Capturing each eye-ball movement to depicting the wave of a single hair is almost possible today. The world will see the rise of creative use of such AR based characterization and will possibly see the rise of AR celebrities who are on the same level as popular YouTubers. Xpresso is at the forefront of heading towards this exciting future.

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