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An employee is the base of any company. Without an employee, a company won’t be running for a long period of time. They contribute to the company’s profitability. They give their best to take the company to the next level with their knowledge and hard-work. To show their qualification on the certificate and to get a job, an employee studies day and night and on their certificates basis, the manager selects the employees. Basically, the tool of employees is their education and on this principle element they get an entry in the organization team. But it might be surprising when employer comes to know that the education tool never existed. Yes! You have read it right. This case is known as Employee Fraud.


What is Employee Fraud?

Employee fraud refers to a case where an employee is caught with his wrong qualification details. To get a job, an employee creates an illegal false document where he mentions his wrong education background. This might create a problem for the company because it takes a fair time to teach an employee and set co-ordination. To avoid such situation a company should hire Intelligence agencies for Background Check Verification.


What is Background Check Verification for Employees?

An employee background check reviews an applicant’s criminal records, address history, qualification records, character records, driving records, fraud records and family records. It may also include a check of credentials and credit background check. Background check verification is an effective way to discover potential issues that may be caused by employees that could affect your business. Background check is completely legal process and this legal process is cooked by Intelligence Agencies.


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What is the Importance of Hiring Intelligent Services?

  • Avoidance of loss of business due to employee lack of knowledge
  • Limitation of liabilities.
  • Protection of your customers.
  • To hire the most qualified people who will help to grow your business instead of destroying it.
  • To encourage honesty and discipline in the interview process.
  • To provide a safe workplace for employees.
  • Reputation of the company.
  • Fear of business loss over an incident caused by an employee due to unknown mental illness.


What are the consequences of not hiring Intelligence Services?

  • False credentials which are a major minus point for the company.
  • Fraud, hacking and cybercrime planned by the employee.
  • Moto of Bank Account and database hacking.
  • You may be giving a roof to work to a terrorist.
  • Unsafe environment to work.
  • Chances of stolen assets.
  • Less Productivity.
  • Wastage of money and time on the employee’s training.
  • Less professionalism by not conducting background verification test.

As the consequences of not hiring Intelligence Services is quite horrible. But you don’t need to worry because we are ready to hold your hand for your protection. You can contact NIDAAN Intelligence Services (I) Private Limited which is India’s one of the premier background verification services company.

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