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The startups in India do not fail to shock us with their new discoveries and advancements in websites and social media usage. We are updating you with one such unique idea of write anywhere, write anytime! Writm
Writm is one of the best publishing platforms for your personal writings; this is the break you may have been looking for since a long time. Writm invites the society of nascent writers, to come and talk about everything, from third world problems to your trip to Bahamas, from your tiny tales to short stories, and from long blogs to long stories in any Indian language you want to publish your thoughts in.
Writm, the abbreviation for Write Anything, write Anytime; it opens up a channel for the budding writers with topical and unique ideas. It is an extraordinary blogging plus social media platform where you can have followers, connect to readers and writers across the globe with a single click.
It welcomes all the writers from different layers of social interaction, to come and be a part of this amazing that can soon establish as a trend.
Launched at a time when the writing became thematic and more supervised. Writm began with a small garage, when Founder, Sarthak Agrawal, faced problems while publishing his personal blog. Over a period of research, he realized that the highest contributors to the blogging arena were the Indians across the world. With Continuous efforts of his team, WRITM came into existence on 15th August 2016.
You’ll be surprised to know that Writm team doesn’t have a team of in-house writers. Writm gathers the interests of thousands of writers at the same platform, providing them with a filter-free portal, to express their views and share their stories without any hesitation. It opens a gate to all the writers, especially to the budding ones of the arena, who are in search for the opportunity to adorn the writing stage by their writings.
The platform is extravagantly filled with Poems, Articles, Nano-tales, Short Stories and much more covers all the topics of interest whether pint-sized from Social to Personals to Political life. You can connect your social media accounts of facebook and google plus to update your friends with your blog as well. As of today, an overwhelming number of readers and writer, about 60k, also 75% of mobile users have switched their selves to the Writm community and are still connected to it; also the number of users is constantly growing. Writm, the social community where the users are mostly under age of 24, about 70%, with 65% being female users.
The perk, the best thing about this platform is that all the work is published under the Writer’s name, unlike that of the blogging websites, where the domain constitutes the site name only, not the writer’s name, the user itself. The Writm team has acknowledged their platform in many schools and colleges and enlightened them the perks, also motivated the young writers and collaborated with them. And are still on their mission to encourage people to write and share, what they want to convey without any filter and hesitation.
So, follow the Opportunity guys! Come along us and be a part of this ever-increasing Global community. Happy Writing Writers!!

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