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Raksha Bandhan Gifts for Elder Brother in India

A general saying goes that a family is complete when you have two children, a boy, and a girl. Well, a family is always complete, but if the siblings are one boy and one girl, it is just like that fringe benefit you get at work, not expected but yet elated when you receive it. It is this duo that carries on the festival of Raksha Bandhan till eternity. If the sister in the family is younger, then the brother certainly has a tough time, not literally, but you what I mean, the brother needs to be responsible to teach his sister sharing, caring and other traits of being with children. Such a sister usually grows up to be like a boy as she duplicates all that her brother has taught her, or that, that she has imbibed through observation.
Just like carrying out small responsibilities, a time comes when the sister wishes to study somewhere outside her home. She needs to learn to be independent, and the brother has no choice but to support her decisions as love is all about caring about other’s needs. And alas! She will soon be missed on all days, but more on special days. The darling sister seems to have grown up and now takes a decision. This thought will give the elder brother a mixed feeling. he will be happy for her confidence but overwhelmed about her independence and the tough life that lies ahead of every youngster.
To top all of this, the little sister may be studying abroad to create a niche for herself in the corporate market. Do not worry, with numerous options for sending gifts and Rakhis online, her presence will be mitigated. Not only can your brother avail the portals to send gifts, but your sister too can send Aryan Florist’s Rakhi online with the best gift available. This is one of the magnificent boons that we and our generations to come will enjoy, the advent of the internet! and the ease with which we can use it.
Similarly, after studies comes the stage when she begins to work. Her work may be in India or she may continue to choose her job somewhere outside India. On the other hand, the brother will also go through many changes and that will gradually begin to distance the duo. This distance must not, however, be taken as lack of love or care. We all know that when we grow our priorities change and this just alleviates the love and care because we begin to value relationships more. We fight less and talk more often on the phone. The sister continues to send Rakhi gifts to India along with a Rakhi and the brother continues to plan to meet her little sister and shower her with gifts. That is the beauty of relationship.
With some ups and downs, the life goes on. Sharing some nostalgic moments over a video call and then crying over the distance that just beautifies the connection between the family. This signifies that there were some very precious and positive moments spent among the four members of the family. With the due course of time, some new relationships are added to the lives and then priorities change once again. But the love and the memories of the past never fades away, in fact, it only strengthens as both the sister and the brother nurture the same values to their children, showing how much they loved their siblings and still do. Goodness always attracts goodness, just like positivity attracts positivity, so just pledge to be a nice human and everything else will fall into place.

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