Inventiva is a business magazine read by almost more than 4,50,000+ Readers Monthly with almost 45,000+ unique new visitors. Our main aim is to bring in the entrepreneurship journey of a business owner in front of the world. Inventiva is a preferred content partners of UC Browser which is a part of AliBaba Group

Many a times people know about brands but people hardly know about the brand owners, they hardly know about business owners. The sole Aim of this magazine is to bring in the pain, efforts, struggle that a owner has taken to start a company bring it to profitable level and finally make it a brand that the world knows today.

Our aim is to bring in the entrepreneurship journey of an entrepreneur so that people understand that entrepreneurship is not just a fashion or style statement but its a penance, its like being a mother which is a 24*7 job.

Its a approach, attitude where a person gets away from his 9 to 5 job where he sits in his AC Cabin and cushioned chair to give something to this world, create employment and give jobs to thousand others.

It takes efforts to start something on their own and we are trying to bring in those efforts in front of the world.

We would be looking forward for a interview from your business owners, founders and CEO for this magazine.

We are also looking forward to host a talkshow where we will cover your ceo on video for youtube and will explore his entire business and professional journey.

1. We have our own youtube channel for our magazine where we take exclusive video interviews of founders/directors/owners. This interview is a 30-45 minutes exclusive video interview of business owners about their business journey and Business, new products and services launch. We feature you and your business as well as new product launches and services in the market through our youtube channel, which would be great inspirational factor for upcoming business or entrepreneurs.

2. We are right now a part of 650+ facebook groups where we have a total user-base of almost 3,25,00,000 users & 200+ Groups on Linkedin 3,00,00,000. Every story we collect from our users is shared in these groups and reaches a mass of 6,25,00,000 Users both Locally & Globally.

3. We have a huge database of linkedin users as well as SMEs in India which is 10,00,000 emails and we send weekly newsletters to all our database with the links to our website and your stories in the newsletters so people can read more about you and can get in touch with you directly. This database includes the readership of SME, SMB, Large & Very Large Corporate Companies as well as VC.

4. We are sure that featuring with us will give you a remarkable brand value and visibility to you and your business.

1. Our writers will write a personalized and glamorized introduction about you and your business and post on our website along with your interview.

2. We will post your interview to all our facebook & Linkedin groups which will reach 6,25,00,000 Users. The Same will also go to UC Browser.

3. We will also shoot a weekly newsletter which will reach 10,00,000 Businesses in India.


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The Cost For The Exclusive Interview is 8000 INR with effect from 1st June 2018.