Entrepreneurship Don’t Need Fancy Degree or Years of Experience


Entrepreneurship needs no age, I had been telling this to the world since the launch of this website, some time back we covered a interview of a girl who was raped and started her entrepreneurship journey.

Today I met another very young charming girl, hardly 20 years of age. Very professional sophisticated, charming but highly professional. A small interview or a chitchat with her, gave me a fair idea that the world has lot of potential and we must never underestimate the mentality and potential of teenagers. Thinking, understanding, dedication, devotion has nothing to do with age, experience or fancy degree like btech, mtech or MBA, just the way a person do not become good photographer if he has a DSLR camera. It’s a in born trait. A lion will remain a lion no matter big or small.
While having a small interview round about her employment with us, She told me that there is a huge difference between a business man and entrepreneur.

I was taking this interview casually but this line caught my attention and then the entire discussions went on to a very different level.

The way this young lady explained me the difference between entrepreneurs & business was way beyond the expectation. I have met many MBA, IIT Grads and even PhD holders from very prestigious institutes across the world.

But never got the perfect answer, I do know there is nothing perfect in this world, but yes, I will surely call her answer as perfect answer.

What she told me is that the major difference between a business man & an entrepreneur is that the business man runs a regular business, working on standard business models but a entrepreneur provide something unique in the basic concepts of business.

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I do understand whether its business or entrepreneurship, we all work for money, but whats the difference?

How a person can call himself as an entrepreneur among a crowd of 1000 businessman, its the way he present it, a new logic applied to the idea.

It is not necessary that we always bring something new, even the methods, ways and presentation could be could be different and unique to provide an old idea and the person can be called as entreprenuer.

I must say, I stand on my feet and salute to this girl as well as the college from which she has studied and her family that at such young age, she has so clear idea, so clear concept and thoughts about what a businessmanship and entreprenuership.

I see many people starting IT companies and launching multiple IT products like social media websites, business directories, business networking, taxi booking, online food odering and they feel happy to call themself as entreprenuers.

They are just self proclaimed entreprenuer, before we call ourself as entreprenuers, we need to understand what entreprenuership is and again for that, we must have a clear understanding about entrepreneurs and entreprenuership.

I seriously now feel, our country must have more better colleges, schools to tell the young college passouts about entreprenuership.

Hats off to her as well as education and her family and I wish her all the very best for her future.

Though she is not yet an entreprenuer but I am sure, she has all the right qualities and right mix of being an entreprenuer and if one day she plans to do this, she would never fail.

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My final note to all the upcoming entrepreneurs please don’t call yourself entrepreneurs and use it as a fancy title if you don’t understand what entrepreneurs are. If you are running a standard regular business call yourself as a businessman and startup but entrepreneurship is all in all a very different things, entrepreneurs are totally a different breed, they don’t work for money, they don’t work for high salaries, luxury cars, they don’t work for fancy office.

All they work for is passion, sense to do something different from the standard work, they work to build their own concept and they work to keep their idea alive.

I am waiting for the day, when I will take the interview of this young entrepreneur.


  1. well said … entrepreneurship is not just business its living your dream without caring for money , success and big business and keep on trying to make it a success


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