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Navson Technologies Chennai is Looking for 20 Lacs Investment for Expansion

1. What is the Name of Your Company? Location & Area Of Operation
Navson Technologies
Chennai, TN, India

2. In Which Segment your startup is working eg. food, travel, fintech, finance, agrotech, IT, Mobile, etc ? What are your products and services?
Research instruments. First product is Spin Coater

3. How old is your venture/startup?
2 years

4. What is its legal registered form? Private Company/ Public ompany/Partnership/Proprietorship/LLC/Trust/Society/Section25 company?

Private Limited company

5. Age & Education Qualification of the Owner/Entrepreneur?
Owner 1: 22, B. Tech
Owner 2: 56, M. Tech

6. Have you achieved break even point? are you in profitable mode? who are your target clients?
We have not reached our break even. We have just started our sales. Our target clients are researchers from R&D labs in academia and industry too.

7. What is the total funding you are looking for?
20 Lakhs

8. Is your investors pitch/deck ready?
Not yet. It is in a drafted stage.

9. Where The investment would be invested?
In development and production lines.

10. What are you planning to achieve in next 3 years?
Expansion of the organisation with a bigger portfolio of products.

11. Have you already been funded?

12. What are the exit policies for investor?
The investment shall be accepted in the form of a loan for which the payback shall begin after an agreed time period. If the payback target is failed, the amount shall be pledged to be paid back with a greater interest on an agreed time period.

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