How to choose an ITIL V4 Training Institute

ITIL is one of the most sought-after certifications in the IT industry, providing students with a strong framework and understanding of the IT processes that can really boost your career whilst helping the institutions you work for succeed as well. ITIL is such a strong certification that Forbes has ranked it as one of the top IT certifications for 2019 which can earn certified people the most money. Getting certified is perhaps the most important aspect of this certification making it of paramount importance to choose an appropriate training institute for your ITIL® Certification.
Choosing the right training institute is of the utmost importance as this can play a major role in your passing or failing of the examinations. There are several factors to consider including accreditations, learning methods, course delivery, and ultimately price. In this article we will go through the factors that you should consider before choosing the right training institute, before you commit your time, money, and ultimately success to ensure you have the best chances of succeeding.
All of these quality markers are true globally. With training institutions increasingly offering different ways to get certified online, what applies to one jurisdiction also applies to all other, more so when looking for prestigious certifications such as ITIL which is recognised globally.
When it comes to accreditation there are two things you should be looking for; the accreditation credentials of the training institute and secondly, that the coursework is accredited by the authoritative institute for that specific course. This can help you ensure that not only is the training institute of your choice a reputable institution that prides itself on offering quality education to its students.
Accreditation from institutes such as PeopleCert, APMG, and PECB goes a long way in showing that the training institute is in good standing with accreditation by market leaders showcasing the commitment to quality. Accreditation from these institutes does not come easily which can start to put your mind at ease by studying here you are in safe hands and have every chance in succeeding in your studies and exams.
Furthermore, the coursework needs to be accredited by AXELOS, which is the institution that manages the entire ITIL certification programme. This not only ensures quality coursework, but also makes sure that what you are studying reflects the official curriculum and ultimately the examination itself. If any training institute purports itself to be offering ITIL Training without this accreditation you should be very wary and should probably look elsewhere.
Passing rate
Perhaps one of the best indicators of a good training institute is its passing rate, after all if students keep failing the exam after attending courses at a particular institution, then something must have gone astray in how the actual course is taught. Several training institutes simply do not place enough attention and dedication towards their students’ success, and this invariably shows in the passing rate. Of course, achieving a 100% passing rate is next to impossible since not all students will put in the work required to pass the exam and get the certification but the higher the rate, the more effort the training institute is putting towards their students’ success.
Experienced trainers
Trainers and consultants involved in the design and delivery of coursework should be certified and accredited thus ensuring you are in good hands who are able to guide you along your studies. Experienced trainers are able to provide you with more insight having the experience required to identify common mistakes and pitfalls which you will learn to avoid. By being accredited, you can also feel reassured that the best practices are followed at all times, helping you reach success faster.
The best training institutes tend to offer a multi-faceted approach to training including hands-on exercises, consulting exposure, role playing, and live case studies. It is a well-known fact that for people to truly understand and remember things, a multi-sensory approach goes a long way in helping us internalise new concepts. To this end, some institutes take a different approach to teaching thus not only helping you learn quicker, but make it a much more pleasant and rewarding experience than an approach that uses slides and theories on their own.
Whilst we are on the subject of training, institutes that really have their student’s success at heart, can also provide you with pre-courseware to ensure you are able to understand your undertaking and help you come up with more specific questions. Sharing such material really shows what the training institute’s priorities are and can go a long way in building students confidence in both institution and subject being undertaken alike.
When it comes to pricing, it is important to consider what you are paying, against what you are getting in return. Remember that you are also investing your time in this, so make sure that for the price you pay, you are able to make it all the way through to your certification. After all, it would not be much of a bargain to pay a sub-market price only to find out that what you studied is completely different to what is in the exam.
Choosing to get certified is an amazing step forward, one that can truly help you succeed in life. That, however, is only the first step. Getting certified requires commitment, however the rewards make it all worth it. Whilst there are many institutes that can help you get certified, not all of them really put your interests at the heart of their operations. We hope that this guide has been able to give you a better picture of what you should be looking out for, helping you increase your chances of success towards a brighter future.

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