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What are the best Practices for Email Marketing?

Email marketing is an essential part of digital marketing. But you can leverage this medium when you do best practices for email marketing. Email marketing can be an effective source for lead generation if done carefully. The best practices for email marketing campaign are as follows-
Give Discount- Discount is always a winner for an email marketer. It is one of the best practices of email marketing. Whenever you want to introduce a discount, you can run an email marketing campaign. It is a wonderful way to drive traffic through email marketing.
Clutter-Free Email- Sometimes, we would try to say lots of things through email marketing which may be quite confusing. You should try to prepare a clutter-free email that is clearly visible. Try to use less than 3 typefaces. Using end number of type faces can decrease the readability of mail
Clear Message- Your message should be clear and contain at 2-3 buttons of call to action. You can add three buttons like enquire now, view more, and click here. If a visitor clicks on any of the buttons, then you have chances to generate quality leads.
Perfect Size- While you are looking for the best practices for email marketing. Then you should not ignore the size. It is the main criterion for email marketing. If the size is not perfect then you may lose your customers due to loading issues. It may also cause spamming. So you should choose the email template wisely to avoid loading issues and better visibility.
Subject Line should be Attractive- Try to make a compelling and attractive subject line. It will improve CTR. As mentioned above, give the discount offer. It will help in driving more attention and increase the click-through rate.
Personalize the email greeting- How often do you read emails that begin, “Dear Member”? Personalizing the greeting of your emails with your contacts’ first names grabs the attention of each reader right away.
Prepare the perfect landing page– Your email is perfect and contains the call to action message. But it might get failed if your landing page is not as clear as your mail. Having the perfect landing page is one of the best practices of email marketing.
Experiment- Do experiment before sending mail. You can send mail to the employees of your office before sending it to others.

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