The most comprehensive EMR, DataLifeHealth EMR (Electronic Medical Record)

Indian healthcare services is set to take a leap forward as it prepares to embrace technology by digitizing and storing healthcare records with the introduction of DataLifeHealth EMR (Electronic Medical Record).  The most comprehensive EMR till date in the Indian market is developed and promoted by DataScribe Technologies.  DataScribe Technologies, with its presence in USA, Canada and India, has a rich history of delivering technological innovations in the healthcare field, and their latest offering is developed after a thorough analysis of EMRs widely used in the Western Countries.
A robust economy needs a healthy nation.  Considering this integral factor, DataLifeHealth EMR is passionately built with a unified objective of improving healthcare services in India.  The world’s first patient centric EMR is built for the Indian demographics, considering its lack of computer illiteracy and technological challenged populace.  Accordingly, the EMR is designed to be user friendly, secure and eco-friendly as it eliminates the traditional concept of documenting records on paper.
Many EMRs across the world cater to the single objective of documenting health records; however, DataLifeHealth EMR does more than just that.  The EMR serves as a one stop destination for all healthcare needs.  Through the feature rich EMR, patients can now virtual store their healthcare records, find specific specialist doctors, schedule visits, take second opinions, avail tele-consultation, monitor vital signs, access online prescriptions, remind them of follow up visits and many such other services.  With DataLifeHealth EMR, people can virtually carry and access their personal healthcare records anywhere, anytime.
For physicians, the EMR helps them in treating their patients better as it gives them access to complete history of past medical records, reported allergies, specific dosage of medications, previous diagnoses and treatments.  The EMR, also for the first time in India integrates the concept of transcription in the EMR.  Apart from manually entering the patient visit summary, now doctors will have the privilege to save time by dictating the reports real time, which will then be transcribed and uploaded in the patient’s medical charts.  The EMR will also feature a separate section that limits accessibility to their patients, where physicians can document their suspicions, outcomes, progress and make it a case study to understand the condition better to enable evidence based treatment.
The EMR can literally regularize the healthcare market and drive in significant changes in quality care of patients.  For example, it eliminates the need for repetitive laboratory investigations, saves money by prescribing correct medications, cuts cost by reducing specialist consultations to name a few.  Though the concept is completely dependent on technology, DataLifeHealth EMR acknowledges the large gap in the Digital India concept, especially in Tier 2, Tier 3 Cities and rural areas.  To address this issue, DataLifeHealth provides the option for patients to physically visit designated help centers spread across the country, where a dedicated team will help them in uploading their reports to the system.  Through this initiative, any common man can visit the center as and when required and convert their paperwork into digital health records, which can be accessed by their treating physician in their subsequent visits.
DataLifeHealth EMR is a cloud based technology and adopts stringent standards of security.  For example, the voice file dictated by doctors will be encrypted using _____ bit security, unique log in and password shall be created for each patient, doctor and hospitals to maintain the privacy and confidentiality.
Considering the healthcare statistics is a scarce data in India, DataLifeHealth EMR will lead the change as documented data will accurately provide the healthcare statistics of the country and the data can be exchanged to identify and initiate required changes.  For example, consider a particular region in an area suffers from autoimmune diseases but the region would have no access to treat or diagnosis it as it lacks a specialist.  This data once accrued can help the government, private establishments, pharmaceutical companies and NGOs to accordingly deploy their resources and take measures to make India healthy.
Considering our one billion population, it might take years to make the concept of EMR fully functional, but DataLifeHealth EMR is proud to have taken the first step in the Digital India evolution through this novel initiative and hopes it would encourage more technological innovations in the future, which would all contribute to shape up a healthy and prosperous India.

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