iDream Education Launches The Free iDream Learning App To Combat Lockdown

A free mobile app to facilitate in-home digital education for students in these lockdown times.

On 29th March, iDream Education launched the iDream Learning App, a free app that offers in-home digital learning to students for all subjects and all classes from 1st to 12th. The app serves both the english medium students of private schools and local language underserved students of government schools and NGOs. 

In the current lockdown times when all our government & private schools and NGOs are closed, a mobile app is the only possible way of ensuring that engagement and education continuously reaches our children in an enjoyable manner. 

On the launch, Puneet Goyal Director at iDream Education shared, “ We have been working exclusively on ICT and digital education for government schools for the past few years with a vision to empower and handhold our rural students with digital learning for skills and growth.

Therefore as soon as the lockdown was enforced by the Coronavirus Pandemic, we started working on the iDream Learning App to ensure that best of digital learning content can reach every student in our rural households in these times. An easy to use, free mobile app, which the local language students and their parents can use to access digital content in their mother tongue and as per their state boards.”

Along with local languages, iDream Education has also made available digital content in English medium for CBSE students and announced that the app shall be free for english medium students also due to lockdown enforced by the Coronavirus Pandemic. CBSE Digital Content for 1st to 12th all classes and all subjects shall be a great value add for students to continue learning at homes. 

App Coverage: Classes, Content & Languages

The app offers enjoyable digital content for all classes from 1st to 12th and in all major subjects including Math, EVS, Science, Social Sciences, Commerce, Computers and English. 

It currently has digital content in English medium and major local languages including hindi, marathi, gujarati, tamil, telugu, kannada and bengali aligned as per all major state boards. 

“A great value & differentiator of the iDream Learning App is that it offers educational digital content of different types including Animated Video Lessons, project & activity videos, life skills content including health & hygiene and a rich digital book library in a single view to the student. 

All of this content is in their mother tongue and has been aligned to their state boards for best of learning continuation. “ shared, Rohit Prakash, the other co-founder at iDream Education. 

Outreach to Parents, Schools and the Social Sector

There is no doubt that the iDream Learning App fulfills a very timely and pressing need for our students, parents and the social sector in school education. 

The Army in Kashmir has been one of the first users of the iDream Learning App, where the app is now being circulated to the parents and students of all the Army Goodwill Schools across kashmir, so that the students can continue their education from their homes in these difficult times.

Immediately after launch, many teacher networks, schools,  national NGOs and CSR organizations have come together and partnered with iDream Education to take the mobile application to their target beneficiaries across different states in India.

The app has been given media coverages by Inventiva, Better India, Swarnim Times and many highly reputed media platforms.

It is indeed a worthy initiative and can align our rural communities and their children to stay connected with education and growth in these times of social distancing. 

You can know more about it on the app’s website page or write to them on [email protected] 

Here’s a link to the app:: OR you can visit Google Play Store and search for “iDream Learning App”. 

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