Bodhable expands its Corporate portfolio services

Businesses & subject matter experts who already avail Bodhable’s corporate repository of services are in for a pleasant surprise. In response to the exhilarating demand from startups, businesses & subject matter experts for its portfolio offerings, Bodhable has decided to expand its breadth of services.

Bodhable: Rise & pivot

Bodhable started its operations from October 2017 as a corporate content platform for corporates & subject matter experts. In a matter of mere 8 months the demand for its services swelled & new pathways for services emerged necessitating a pivot in Bodhable’s business model. Earlier Bodhable’s business statement was “Bodhable is a premier multi-industry content ecosystem for corporate experts across the departmental value-chain of the modern enterpise”. However, the sheer demand for auxiliary business consulting & diverse array of content publication services by clientele propelled a change in the business description statement of the young startup implying an expanding in its core offerings. According to the statement issued by the company’s board, its new business statement is “Bodhable is a premier multi-industry Business Consultancy & Corporate Content Portfolio Management firm for Corporates & Subject-matter-experts”.
Under the revised service model, Bodhable has partnered with premier technology firms to provide a comprehensive repository of corporate services ranging from business consulting, corporate content portfolio management, brand building to hand-holding B2B & B2C corporate sales.

Business consulting:

Any business wisdom which is not grounded in real world implementation & which does not solve real-world problems of clients is not practicable. Recognizing this reality Bodhable launched its Business consulting arm with huge success. Young businesses are often too engrossed in implementation. Key strategic calls required to be taken are often neglected & left unaddressed. This not only leaves the businesses vulnerable to major risks, it also leaves the possibility that a business passes up on major opportunities that it could have cashed in on but couldn’t because of lack of relevant business consulting guidance. Since major management consulting firms such as Mckinsey, BCG (Bonston Consulting Group) & Bain offer these services at very high ticket value, most medium sized businesses & startups cannot afford to avail these services. In response to this gap, Bodhable launched its consulting arm in 8 major focus areas:
The response to this launch has been phenomenal with key projects already underway for clients in the field of media houses, medicine (hospitals) & accounting firms across Delhi & Mumbai.

Corporate portfolio management:

The most valuable resource in the information age is knowledge (wisdom). As a logical extension of it’s business consulting services, Bodhable offers corporate content portfolio management services as well. During any business consulting engagement, a lot of learning takes place. And when the learning results in solving business problems in the real world, then that practical wisdom can be of immense value to another business in a similar industry. Other’s can learn from thought leaders in their fields. Bodhable offers its clients to host knowledge modules on its platform under their brand profiles to use such knowledge modules as a marketing tool within their industry to gather B2B business deals.
Since industry wisdom can be imparted through multiple content types, Bodhable has pivoted it’s portal configuration to host data under the following content-types:
  • Articles/Blogs: Tried-and-tested mode of maximal audience outreach.
  • e-Journals: Equivalent to international journal publications
  • Knowledge modules: Sold online to Bodhable’s B2C client database (Bodhable Academy) with revenues accruing to client
  • Story-Lines: Some wisdom is best told via stories. Fiction stories can be authored to impart corporate wisdom. Non-fiction stories (Case-Studies) can be authored if backed by sufficient real-world evidence of major business turn-around by client.
  • Training material: When demand from customers for face-to-face training by authors of knowledge modules exceeds a threshold, Bodhable provides facility to it’s clients to host trainings & seminars with relevant business leads & provision for charging for such training sessions
  • Book publishing: When demand for client’s corporate content mushrooms beyond threshold on the Bodhable platform such that an entire book can be published by the author with a ready buyer base, Bodhable facilitates entire drafting to publishing cycle of book for it’s clients.
  • Corporate videos: With video becoming the dominant mode of content consumption today, Bodhable has its own inhouse stidio team to record & host corporate videos for both internal as well as external consumption.

The way ahead:

With it’s vision of transforming the corporate content landscape intact, Bodhable has made a deep mark in the Indian corporate market within a short span of mere 8 months. The young startup has ambitious plans to expand across geographies into the Chinese and South-East Asian markets by mid-2019.
Upon being asked about his vision for the future, Ankit Kush, the CEO of Bodhable quoted “Business consulting & corporate content portfolio management are complementary businesses. They are 2 sides of the same coin. We realized this within the first 6 months of engagement with our clients. We were lucky to have a strong experience in business consulting on our board partner members who have 15+ years of experience in management consulting across sectors such as real estate, oil & gas, telecom, financial services, analytics & artificial intelligence. The consulting team has strong credentials (IIT, IIM & ISB background) & coupled with a robust IT & content ecosystem already developed, Bodhable is uniquely positioned to provide a holistic 360 degree consulting-cum-content portfolio management services to it’s clientele. Although we plan to expand operations internationally, India will continue to remain our base & focus here will continue to be solidified”.
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