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Real Estate Properties are the immovable Assets. Any other forms of assets like Stocks, Commodities, Gold, etc doesn’t involves a high middleman charges as they can be trade online. As the Brokers in real estate sector charges very high fees it is a necessity to trade Real Estate Properties online. Due to Digitalization pins to the space crafts items all are getting sold online without any middleman’s involvement.

So we as a team have created a “Hybrid model” for selling & renting of real estate properties online. Based on the package you have selected will be doing physical verification, photography, measurements, property description of property subscribed with us and then we will list them on our online portal in front of thousand of buyers. We will also be listing every property on other online portals available in India to get more number of buyers for your property. And will be providing all these services at “No Brokerages”. We have a personal account manager for each property letting our client to relax and let the account manager handle enquiries on his behalf.

With we make property selling in India a “pleasant experience”.

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