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In today’s busy life and fast tracked schedule what are the two luxuries that we all crave for ? It’s TIME and Fun ! Yes, we need a chance to smile in all the monotony and time constantly needs to be harvested by being organised. And you will be glad to know that I have just found the perfect solution for my problem in a company named
We all plan out the day, and we all carry planners with us. But more often than not we end up messing up our priority list. I did, all the time, but not anymore. Because I switched to something much more organised and quirkier. Yes, I switched to the Bhasad Planner. You heard it right, the name alone gets me ticking and brings a smile on my face.
Just today my venom spewing serpentine boss told me “The ITR needs to be filed ASAP, write that down as ‘Urgent and Important’.” I penned it down in my planner, then came a Whatsapp from my lovely wife “remember to bring my birthday cake from the bakery on your way home.” I penned that down as ‘Urgent but not Important ‘Merely five minutes late my mother calls me “my Haemogram reports need to be shown to the Dr.” I made a mental note ‘Important but not Urgent’ and the final blow came when my Mother-In-Law SMS’s me “get my bank passbooks updated”. That was ‘Not Important Not Urgent’. I wrote it all down on same page making mental notes and delivered a cake to my Mother-In-Law, filed the ITR for my wife, took my mom’s reports to the bank and took the passbooks to the Dr.
It all happened be because I hadn’t arranged anything according to priority in my planner. But then I bought the Bhasad Planner. Now everything is organised, my Bhasad Planner sets my priorities right. My boss’s ITR goes in ‘Bhasad’ column of my planner page while my wife’s cake went to ‘Bhains Ki Aankh’, my mum’s reports are safely tucked under ‘O Teri Ki’ and my Mother-In-Laws passbooks are under the column named ‘Dekh Lenge Yaar’. Now there are no more mix Ups. I carry it all in a ‘Jhola’ that gets me a lot of female attention, that too came from
Trust me, friends, in corporate world everything so dry and drab, everything is Black, White and Grey and we need a little colour and a little dash of humour to stay in good spirits. On that note, I will like to tell you I bought my Bhasad Planner in Hot Pink, though it was also available in Parrot Green and Ferrari Yellow at merely Rs 349.
Each time I open my planner, I smile, and stress becomes a bit lighter on my head. Every time I take out my visiting card, I make my clients smile as it very modestly yet pompously declares “I Am Only Pretending To Be Organised” no pun intended.
And all my friends are in luck because this Diwali I have decided to spread this little piece of cheer to them too by gifting them the merchandise from that is sure to be their very favourite and very useful gift unlike the cutlery and curios they stack inside their cupboards to use next year.

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