MediaTek Helio –The Premium Smartphone Processors

MediaTek is a market leader among the global semiconductor companies, enabling a mind-boggling, more than 1.5 billion consumer products annually. They offer powerful and efficient mobile and multimedia solutions. Home entertainment, network and connectivity, automated driving, and IoT are just a few other segments to which they cater to across the world. It is therefore not surprising that they have come out with Helio, which is a family of premium Smartphone processors that promises to provide people the freedom to explore, create, learn and communicate from any corner of the world at their will.

The Helio Family

The Helio family comes in two variants, namely, the X series and the P series. The X series is built for extreme performance, to power flagship brands. They contain MediaTek’s latest system-on-chip Smartphone innovations. The P series is built for premium performance with multimedia and connectivity being central to its design.

Attractive Features

Amazing Photography: The Helio chip boasts of the most advanced technology for photography till date by MediaTek. It comes with a super fast focus for clicking pictures with a 4Kx2K video capture and playback. The image quality will just blow you away with its precise color reproduction. The power-efficient camera technologies are also easy to use, powered by MediaTek’s excellence in innovation.

High-Performance Display: The Smartphone is not just a phone anymore. It is the one device that most people use for almost all their daily activities. So, whether calls, messages, social media, emails, staying up to date with the news, watching movies, or taking lessons on the go, the Smartphone has become the go-to device. Hence, the display quality of the phone plays an important part. MediaTek Helio brings you amazing response speed, which also optimizes battery efficiency. The amazing display is just one of the features that make it one of the most coveted Smartphone processors.

Powerful Processing Speeds: The core of any Smartphone is its processor. When you choose to go with MediaTek Helio, you get the best speeds because of its tightly integrated, advanced eight-core and ten-core processing. This ensures an overall fast, seamless experience with an amazing rendering of content and display.

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Longer Battery Life: Many people choose to go in for fancy phones and then later crib about the fast sagging battery life. When you pick a Smartphone with MediaTek Helio, you are assured of a longer battery life. It is highly integrated and optimized for power efficient operations. Clustered processor structures are used to boost and enhance picture qualities. The optimization and efficiency offered by MediaTek Helio are of superior quality that will eliminate all your battery worries.

Connectivity: Connectivity issues will be a thing of the past if you pick a MediaTek Helio powered Smartphone. It supports LTE, 3G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and many more options as a global connectivity solution. The result – a great sense of freedom! You could be anywhere and still being connected with your family and friends and everything else that fills your life.

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