Stressed about a Gift? Gift Expert will help you out

Life offers so much to celebrate and yet people manage to introduce elements of stress and anxiety in almost every celebration. A lot of it has to do with the selection of “Gift”. It is a humongous task to find something useful and appropriate for a loved one.  It requires time, effort and wallet. Unfortunately, majority are found wanting on at least two of the said parameters.
Some people prefer the easy option of Cash. While it does sound simple, it is a mere monetary exchange and by no means can be construed as a “Gift”. A gift is a representation of love and affection of the giver for the receiver. It shows the depth of a relationship and strength of the bond. A gift is a memory to be cherished for a long time. A 1000 rupee note is lost in transaction the next day and hence is poison to the whole idea.
However, it is rather easy to understand why cash is so prevalent in the gifting space these days. It makes life simple for the giver. No stress on the brain and no rush to the store. Cash is fast-food of the gifting world.
Gift Expert understands this problem and is happy to present an elegant solution. If an individual wants to find a perfect gift for a loved one but is short of time, effort or money; he/she may reach out to a Gift Expert to get the best possible suggestions for a Gift.  All one needs to do is share some basic details like budget, age and interests of the gift-receiver and event date to allow use of Human Ingenuity and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to suggest exclusive gift ideas.
Gift Expert is India’s first and only personal Gifting assistant. It is a free service powered by to help people choose a wonderful gift for their loved ones through use of domain expertise and help of technology. Gift Expert may also be used by people to fine-tune their own requirements. For example, if an individual is interested in buying a laptop but is not sure of the configuration, Gift Expert(s) may be able to suggest the appropriate brand and configuration basis usage pattern and budget of the individual.
This exclusive service is available on Facebook:
To avail the service one needs to visit the page and follow the steps as advised below:

  1. Click on “Send Message”
  2. Share the basic details about the gift-receiver i.e. budget, relationship, gender, occasion etc
  3. Share contact number/email to allow experts to reach out for clarification/suggestions
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Gift Expert is an initiative of, a wishlist/gift registry platform for all occasion in life. While Gift Expert provides suggestions basis an individual’s knowledge and understanding of the gift-receiver, Wishastu enables gift-receivers to register for gifts on their own. It allows people to create wishlists for any event like wedding, anniversary, birthday, house-warming, new-born, Rakhi, Christmas etc.
These two services combined aim at making gifting fun again, introduce excitement in life and strengthen the bond with Family& Friends. Imagine how many Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or birthdays have seen tepid wishes simply because a gift was hard to think of. No more!

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