Why travel agencies are require automation after COVID-19

COVID-19, is impacting a lot to travel industries but we may still have few options that help us to constantly improve our business and have some new opportunities after this pandemic.
Automation of travel business is a process through which a travel agent can synchronize the mid-office and back-office operation and saves time for processing such requests and as per the latest advisory by the government of India every travel agency must use the digital voucher and communication logs to the customers during the trip.
TraviYo is come up with all the solutions that help you to automate your entire backend operations and make your travel agency fulfilling the need of digitalization and enables you to generate more new business
Introduction to travel business automation
Automating your travel agency is the best step that you will take to generate business and give your business an edge over your competitors. In order to do this, it is important to switch to the travel agency CRM software or Travel Automation Software that takes care of your backend work. Like TraviYo’s Travel CRM software which helps you to manage the work efficiently and improving on revenue generation. Our software takes complete care of customer accusations, customer engagement, lead management, quotation builder, booking management, payment scheduler, invoicing, supplier management, MIS reporting, tracking and follow-ups, etc. With such automated work at the back office software, you can easily work on the forefront to generate leads and make more money.
Here we do amendment the new features as per the government advisory that new why of e-check-in and entire communication with the customer can be done as digitally where we not only managing the government advisory but also we do managing our business in a completely new way of digitalization, here we haven’t stopped our development we do implement new features kind of cross-sales platform with 10000+ agents in our network and introduced AI-based quotation builder or itinerary builder automation where without any human effort you can share the quotation to your customers and kind of AI report we have introduced which will help you to know the reason of lead cancellation and can give you the suggestion for the area of improvements.
Travel business automation impact

  • Improve customer acquisition
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The major part of customer acquisition is customer engagement, process educate and partnership development, we are given options in TraviYo to get an update for market and proceed, here our AI-based follow-up system will make sure the 100% lead follow-up ration, you are not going to miss a single lead follow-up which is directly impacting your customer acquisition

  • Remarketing impact on business

Remarketing is a term where you do the repeated marketing campaign for your customer, and it’s a trick to do this with low investment, TraviYo will help you for remarketing campaign apart from TraviYo there are multiple options to do the remarketing and getting leads accordingly

  • Quick operation and time management

TraviYo helps simplify tour operator travel with its unique and smart AI-based Itinerary Builder.
The itinerary builder now works in an automatic fashion by applying multiple inputs from your past experiences and global itinerates TraviYo giving us the best possible suggestion as per the customers need, TraviYo is the best itinerary builder and planner that provide you with all the travel-related information under one single platform. TraviYo enables to find and select destinations, see maps, add and modify attractions, manage hotel booking, and other activities. It’s the simple and interactive environment is best for generating perfectly planned itineraries and help to travel agents in organizing, centralize, and automate the business operations of their agency using advanced technology. It acts as a travel agency BackOffice automation that provides services such as payment schedule, supplier management, invoicing. Ultimately TraviYo makes management easy and simplifies all the agency’s operations.

  • Customer satisfaction
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Here in TarviYo we do focus on entire end to end operation after implementing all process in an automated fashion we ensure that the entire customer interaction must be happening in a fulfillment manner and can meet the entire expectation of customers and give them all required services quickly and efficiently apart from that the quick chat facility will help customer to quickly ask anything the problem they are facing during the trip after implementing all you will get a 100% customer satisfaction and can able to generate cross-business from existing customers as well.

  • Customer payment options

It’s always good to get paid, automate your invoicing to settle payments on time. The travel software to manage invoices helps in easy payment. The invoice software is basically a payment managing gateway. All payments are recorded are saved here whether it’s a current payment or old payment all records are available in the software. This travel agency software makes easy the work of tour travel companies like the generation of the invoice for rail, tour, hotel, air tickets, track payments you can easily manage the account with the same software.

  • Business impact analysis

With TraviYo Travel website development, managing digital marketing, backend operation, reporting, and analytics become a cakewalk. There is absolutely no need to prepare reports manually, as all information is stored in the system and can be extracted in a customizable report format as and when needed. The reports can be extracted in MS Excel format and few other formats for auditing, reference, or for monitoring purposes. You can also create bespoke reports analysis to reflect various operational activities. The module also gives you exhaustive MIS Reports like outstanding reports, sales & purchase statements, Income-Expense reports, etc. All reports can be exported to MS-Excel (CSV Format) giving you the flexibility to edit, print, and download them as and when required.

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