Research Reveals How Some Popular Android Apps Might SecretlyBe Spying on You

A few months back, there was a news that PM Narendra Modi is spying on his own citizens through his Android app. As much as 5 million Android users were thought to be affected by this. Though the BJP was quick to come up with a clarification that the data was used to provide the users with “the most contextual content,” there is some truth behind it after the Cambridge Analytica saga in the U.S. elections unfolded.
According to the latest reports, some popular apps on your Android phone may be actively listening to what you do on your phone just like Android spying apps in India. New apps in the market are being made on advanced artificial intelligence parameters that can monitor your habits and even secretly take screenshots of your activities. The most worrying thing is that these apps send this data to third parties.

What’s the new research about?

The Boston’s Northeast University conducteda research and found that most of the apps on the Android store have the ability to record your screen or log your keystrokes on the smartphone. It further says that the screenshots taken by these apps and the videos recorded by them could include your usernames, credit card numbers, passwords, and other important personal information.
The research, which is scheduled to be presented at the Privacy Enhancing Technology Symposium Conference in Barcelona, has provided further impetus to the claims that Android apps have been spying on its users. The participants of the research analyzed more than 17,260 of the most popular apps on the Android operating system. There was an automated test program developed by the students for this purpose.
Worryingly, a total of 9,000 apps showed the ability to take screenshots. While top Android spying apps in India like Xnspy can remotely access the microphone, the research revealed that there were no audio leaks from the apps during this whole exercise and no app activated the microphone of the target phone.
Yet more surprising for the researchers was the ability of the apps to take screenshots remotely and sending them to third parties. It could be that these privacy breaches may be benign and used for marketing purposes only, but this reveals that how easily a user’s privacy could be compromised for profit gains.
What’s disturbing is the fact this tech could easily be used by the malicious programs without the permission or any notification to the user.

Android spying apps in India

With the rise of cheap Android phones, the sale of Android spying apps in India has also been gathering pace lately. A new war of spying apps has begun which has further raised the privacy concerns. While we are not aware of the operations of the apps discussed in the research above, spying apps have made this an open affair with their invasive features.
People in India are happier than ever as they have found one more way to sneak into other’s affairs. Due to the appreciation that these spying apps have received, some apps have experienced a significant uptick in their subscriptions due to their advanced spying controls. Xnspy is one such app among the top Android spying apps in India that has quickly made its user base due to its spying services. Xnspy, like other Android apps, can listen to the surroundings of the user, remotely lock the device, remotely take a screenshot, and give all the details about the location of the user.
Another reason for the popularity of Android spying apps is their compatibility with the Android brands available in India. There are numerous Android brand phones in India with their own stock Android. The ability of Xnspy and similar apps to seamlessly fit into every Android system makes them more attractive for the users. This compatibility and remote spying features have made Xnspy spying app more popular among its rival apps in India.
Be it Xnspy or any other Android spying apps in India, keeping the privacy intact of a user is a concern of every mobile user these days. The onus lies on the user to make sure that every app they install on their phone does not access more information that it is supposed to. You can also check this in the app settings of your Android phone and uncheck if any app has undue permissions.

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