ED Seizes Assets Worth 255 Cr Belonging To Nirav Modi In Hong Kong

The way we envision life ought to change at every next step. Some may choose to limit the definition of life to a bygone world seen through the rose-coloured lens of a glorious past. Life comes to a standstill for them because the primary purpose of living is to evolve every day, every second. Each new day offers us ample new opportunities to upgrade ourselves into a finer version who, in turn, can have a little extra to offer to the world. The true significance of living can be summarised by the simple phrase – “the best is yet to come.”
The word “yet” here moulds the true meaning of the phrase and prompts everyone to strive and outdo themselves each day.
To capture this essence, the clothing brand Arrow has adopted this fiery phrase – best is yet to come. For a brand which has never settled for average, be it in terms of quality or putting smiles on the faces of contented customers, the campaign this time focuses on a greater perspective – to inspire a generation to never stop; to believe in the amazingness brewing in every inch of their existence. For a generation distracted by despair and becoming accustomed to giving up easily, the #BestIsYetToCome campaign can work wonders in positive encouragement.
There’s more to this laudable campaign. To resonate the optimism far and wide, Arrow has scripted history by selecting an 82-year-young model to showcase their latest collection, on the occasion of their 25th anniversary in India.
82-year-young achiever OP Khanna is perhaps the most suitable person for this campaign. He says, “Be better than you were yesterday because the best is yet to come.” And even with a crown beaded with outstanding achievements, he refuses to settle. The contagious life spirit of OP Khanna has been perfectly venerated by Arrow.
No achievement can ever be hailed as ultimate, and all inspirational figures across the world have proved that. OP Khanna is no exception. His has been a life riddled with obstacles.
But, for a person who has made the phrase “the best is yet to come” his mantra, stopping is no option. He started the non-profit organisation  Needy Heart Foundation, which funds heart surgeries for children, seniors and sole breadwinners from a financially weaker background. Needy Heart Foundation has so far successfully financed over 8500 surgeries across the country and conducts frequent nationwide camps for cardiac health awareness.
It is quite poetic that this dynamic author of the book titled “Extraordinary Indians” has bettered himself every day, to dazzle as one of the finest examples of the same.
It deserves a mention here that while most of the clothing brands would probably opt for suave young models to portray their best ever collection range, Arrow has propelled themselves a notch above all others by following the untrodden path. Their selection of an 82-year-young achiever for this purpose reflects how exposing oneself to new challenges each day is the boldest style statement. To surpass your yesterday’s achievements should be the fashion trend to align yourself with.
Source: The Logical Indian
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