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Celebrate Valentine’s Day in a Exceptional Way

HoldmyHeart Collection launched by Ketan Diamonds

To all the ‘loveful souls’ out there, Valentine’s Day is around the corner and it’s the time to express your love in all its forms! A loving relationship is not built in a day. The threads of love take time to weave together to form a strong bond. Romantic love is definitely wonderful and usually Valentine’s Day is considered to be the day for couples and lovers to celebrate. However, we at Ketan Diamonds believe there are other forms of love, other relationships around you that also need to be equally valued and expressed, so why not do it on this Valentine’s Day. It’s time to look at those relationships that are close to your heart and to make an effort to value those people and relationships that are really special for you. Chocolate, flowers, and jewellery are some of the ways you can express your love on Valentine’s Day, and undoubtedly jewellery tends to be the biggest seller and best gift for this special day.

Exchanging gifts on valentine’s day is a big tradition to take into account. Hence, to make your valentine’sa day more memorabe, you may choose gifts like a ring, a pair of earrings, a necklace, a pendant or a bracelet, depending on whom you wish to consider your own special Valentine. Let your valentine feel ecstatic at your choice of jewel and make him or her feel how special and precious he or she is for you.

The story behind HoldmyHeart” Collection

Needless to say, a heart is the most obvious symbol connected to Valentine’s Day. A piece of jewellery set with a heart is beautiful and moving.

The belief behind HoldmyHeart collection by Ketan Diamonds was to design pieces of jewellery with heart symbol that helps one share love and feelings not only with  their romantic love but also help convey love to anyone in the family or friends, who is close to the heart.

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Holdmyheart welcomes you to a world of new valentine jewellery, where we at Ketan Diamonds truly celebrate love in all possible forms. We do understand that each relation that is close to your heart is multi-faceted, intricate and fascinating and also has its individuality, and so does every jewellery piece that is designed as part of the HoldmyHeart collection. The exclusive HoldmyHeart collection by Ketan Diamond embodies the versatility in the close relations that you have and helps you convey your feeling in a unique and most special way.

Whether you want to gift something dazzling or follow the “less is more” concept, the HoldmyHeart Collection has jewellery pieces to your liking.

A pair of heart shaped earrings for your mother or sister: We all owe a lot to moms and sisters but they don’t get recognized enough for their sacrifices. Let your mother/sister know how close she is to your heart. Gift the heart shaped earrings from our HoldmyHeart Collection.

The knotted heart pendant for your grandmother: Grandmothers always think of fond memories of her grandkids all the time. Her love is pure and gentle, here’s an opportunity to express that you are thinking of her too. Gift her heart shaped pendant from our HoldmyHeart Collection.

The perfect finger ring for your Grandpa: For your grandfather, perhaps spending time with you is the most precious gift, imagine how thrilled and surprised he will be to receive a finger ring from you. Select the most sturdy and stylish finger rings to gift your grandpa from our HoldmyHeart collection.

Perfect gift for Dad: One of the most important men in your life – that’s your father. He is the hero, your strength and he stands by you like a rock. It’s time to show your dad how much you value his unconditional love. Select the best ring from our HoldmyHeart collection.

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Share the love – set of Jewellery: One for you and one for someone you love

The highlight of the HoldmyHeart Collection is that each jewellery set is designed in such a manner that you can gift yourself one part/piece of jewellery and gift the other piece/part of jewellery to someone you love. And when you flaunt it together, you let others know the true feeling you have for that special person.

Engraving concept jewellery : We also offer engraving on many of our fine necklaces, bracelets, rings and other jewellery pieces that will make your gift even more unique and special. You can get each other’s name or initial engraved in the piece of jewellery and wear it.

The pendant set from the HoldmyHeart collection would have one for you and another for the special one whom you would like to gift. Same goes for the ring finger set from the collection, where you can wear one and gift the other. There are many such unique and trendy jewellery sets that you would love to explore.

So what are you waiting for? We at Ketan Diamonds would love to assist you celebrate this Valentine’s Day with the most special person in your life in the most special way with our HoldmyHeart Collection.

We at Ketan Diamonds, are truly passionate about bringing the personal touch to your jewellery gift that nurtures your relationship with your valentine. With the new HoldmyHeart collection, we also want to communicate that our customer is at the heart of what we do, in fact, it is our customers who inspire our collections.

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Don’t settle for a Valentine’s Day gift that is run of the mill and expected. Jewellery with meaning will leave a lasting impression!

Wishing you all Happy Valentine’s day from Ketan Diamonds and good luck in finding one or several beautiful pieces of Jewellery to celebrate with your special person on this Valentine’s Day!

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