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CliniVantage Healthcare Technologies, Inc. Joins StartUp Health’s “Access to Care Moonshot”

  • CliniVantage is a health-tech start up launched in 2017

  • it’s an integrated digital platform providing end to end medical and patient care to its patrons

  • present in 8 countries and will expand to 15 in next year

  • the platform at present has 38,000 transactions per day and plans to take it to 1 lac in next 3 months

  • Rs. 50 is the cost per patient per year for a small hospital

  • currently signed deal with 65 hospitals globally out of which 12 have already deployed the program

  • A promise to together deliver quality care to everyone, regardless of the location or income

Mumbai… May 24th, 2019…. CliniVantage Healthcare Technologies Inc. is a comprehensive healthcare platform that delivers various PaaS-based healthcare solutions for clinical, non-clinical, radiology and administrative services. CliniVantage has entered into a partnership with StartUp Health, a global platform where health transformers, partners, customers, investors, patients, and caregivers connect and accelerate the progress of the health moonshots.

Presently on track to deploy across 65+ hospitals, 500+ Clinics, 2500+ doctors, 18.5M consumer records, across 8 countries, with strong partners like IBM, Hitachi, EDS, Edifecs for global scalability, and with multiple recognition awards – Champion of Change, Village Social Transformation Foundation, Jain International Trade Organization – CliniVantage joins the community of Health Transformers at StartUp Health Academy, to partner on the Access to Care Moonshot. The Access to Care Moonshot aims to deliver quality healthcare services to everyone, regardless of location or income, which sits squarely with CliniVantage’s mission to bridge the gap between the providers and consumers and making the service accessible to all when they need. The platform empowers its consumers and enables them to have a complete solution under one roof.

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The association brings tremendous benefits to CliniVantage in the form of access, expertise, knowledge sharing, and exposure to the US market. The combination of coaching, community, media, and capital would open new avenues for CliniVantage in terms of collaborations and partnerships, to help scale faster.

Commenting on the association, Mr. Nilesh Jain – Managing Director & Co-Founder – CliniVantage Healthcare Technologies Inc says, “We’re thrilled to associate with StartUp Health. The biggest challenge with healthcare today is not its cost, but the access to care and medical records/information. Healthcare today is delivered on an ad hoc basis, beyond the typical provider touch points, the patients are on their own. With our disruptive PaaS model, we strive to connect the providers, doctors, and patients on a comprehensive platform to ensure better care delivery and patient experience. The association will bring in opportunities for partnerships, technological improvement, and customer development. The active network of Health Transformers will endeavor to achieve our health moonshot.”

“Our mission at StartUp Health is to collaborate with Health Transformers who have the mindset to achieve Health Moonshots,” said Polina Hanin, Academy Director of StartUp Health. “The commitment that Nilesh and the entire CliniVantage team have for the Access to Care Moonshot cannot go understated. Having already partnered with hundreds of clinics and helped millions of patients, we believe that they will continue to impact the delivery of care to everyone in the world.”

CliniVantage has the ability to disrupt the way healthcare professionals engage with patients. It can help healthcare (providers) leaders take strides in improving their digital capabilities and not only have the chance of improving patient satisfaction, but also the opportunity to boost their own efficiencies & improve cost optimization. The aim of this platform is to realize patient-centric care, where services by providers are tailored to individuals, and available to support lifestyles that are healthy and fulfilling to the new generation of the population; lead by clinicians and defined by consumers. It also makes it possible to manage and utilize healthcare data throughout the care continuum, accelerate provider lead creation of cross-industry services using health and medical information, including that by hospitals and clinics.

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About CliniVantage:

Founded in 2017, CliniVantage Healthcare Technologies Inc is an integrated digital platform that transforms the way healthcare players interact with one another for better care management and patient experience. The company strives to simplify healthcare with innovations across technology, transactions & data for all healthcare players.

It provides a disruptive universal consumer-centric care platform, which is accessible and affordable. They provide healthcare SaaS-based solutions that connect doctors, hospitals, caregivers, service providers and personal devices (IoT) with patients in real time that puts them in control of their wellness. Solutions provided by CliniVantage include – My Life – mobile app, TeleMedicine, Patient Management System, Electronic Medical Record, PACS, OTIMS, ERP, HIMS and Analytics & BI. The platform also enables advanced solutions to medical practitioners via AI and ML. It’s flagship initiative, CliniQ is a patient management platform for direct care coordination, digitized operations and remote patient monitoring, making patient-centric care a reality at the Primary Health Care centre.

The company has its presence across 10 countries including USA, UK, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Kenya, Tanzania, UAE and Oman respectively. The enterprise healthcare company has registered 5000+ outpatient practices, 1000+ secondary & tertiary hospitals, 3000+ allied services providers and 16.5+ Million consumers on its platform.

About StartUp Health:

Startup Health is a national platform for health and wellness entrepreneurship and represents a new model for helping innovation succeed in the health sector. StartUp Health is on a mission to help 1,000 Healthcare Transformers build growth businesses over the next decade through StartUp Health Academy, The StartUp Health Network, and The StartUp Health Innovation Fund. StartUp Health was founded by health tech entrepreneurs Steve Krein and Unity Stoakes, and is chaired by former Time Warner CEO, Jerry Levin. The organization’s investors include leading health, technology, and business minds: Esther Dyson, Roger Ehrenberg, Richard Forman, Jason Finger, Linda Holliday, Howard Krein, MD, PhD, Jon Miller, Jeff Stewart, and Artists & Instigators. StartUp Health is investing in Health Moonshots to improve the health and wellbeing of everyone in the world.

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